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1776 at Ford's Theater - Playing Historical Characters Part 1

Ken Kleiber sits down with the cast from the Ford's Theatre production...

With quick-witted dialogue and a playful score, 1776 dramatizes the impassioned debates of Philadelphia’s Second Continental Congress. As George Washington sends updates from the military front, patriots John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson attempt to persuade the 13 colonies to separate from British rule. Motivated by a series of abuses from King George, America’s first politicians forge a new democracy by composing the Declaration of Independence. Based on the letters and memoirs of America’s founding fathers, this classic, Tony Award-winning musical showcases the principles, pride and determination that influenced the birth of our nation.

“A most striking, most gripping musical! A musical with style, humanity, wit and passion.”
The New York Times

“As the play begins, you can almost feel the stifling heat of that Philadelphia hall where our founding fathers “piddled, twiddled and resolved.” While the play skewers the timeless vagaries of politicking, it also reminds us that war was never far from the minds of these men. As they gathered together—far away from their homes, families and occupations—they understood the heavy and dangerous task proposed to them: declaring that these ‘thirteen united States of America’ should forever separate from Great Britain. With another election year upon us, it seems appropriate to present this musical in Washington at this time, to see what these great men accomplished amid deep acrimony and heated passions—and also what they did not.” –Paul R. Tetreault, director, Ford’s Theatre

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Albert Carter:

I saw this production!  It was very well done.  All the actors had their characters down pat.  One of my favorite shows and I was not dissapointed.  Thanks for a wonderful show.

(1267 days ago)