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Devyn Rush - Originating a Role in SPRING AWAKENING


Devyn Rush, best known as “The Singing Waitress” on Season 10 of American Idol, has been singing for as long as she could talk. Having grown up in a very musical family and originating the role of Anna in Spring Awakening at Lincoln Center and understudying off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theatre, Devyn decided to move to New York City immediately after graduating high school. Now a singer/songwriter and yoga teacher, Devyn is passionate about child advocacy, especially in the areas of bully prevention. Rush now combines songwriting with yoga to build emotional self-awareness and awareness of others for adolescents. Her goal is to connect with students and build trusting relationships. She works with various organizations and is also a public speaker. Her band, Devyn and the Rush, is currently recording their album, and the EP is available for pre-order.

If you are interested in Devyn Rush visiting your school or would like to join forces, please feel free to contact her at devynrush@gmail.com.

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Jason Cocovinis:

Devyn is an extremely talented singer/songwriter who embodies what it means to "give back".  We wish her the best and look forward to following her career!

(1381 days ago)