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Get Your Felt On - Meet the Puppets of AVENUE Q

MTI and Character Translation's Puppets are ready to take up residence at your theatre!


A little different than the people in your neighborhood that you might be used to, a complete set of 26 puppets (11 practice puppets and 15 performance puppets) is now available to rent for your theatre's production of AVENUE Q.

Creating the whole AVENUE Q gang from scratch can prove to be a very timely and costly endeavor.  Now, through MTI, you can have a full performance set as well as practice puppets shipped right to your doorstep. 

After you have received and returned your completed and signed puppet rental contract and all the necessary travel arrangements have been made, the entire collection will arrive at your theatre in their Puppet Transport Pods.  Each puppet has their own cubicle with a nametag, to maintain their privacy en route.  Also found in the each cubicle and elaborately labeled to ensure a hassle free return are the puppets' wardrobe pieces.  Nearly each puppet has at least one costume change during the show.

In addition to the beautifully crafted performance puppets, you will receive a set of practice puppets.  Making the MTI set truly unique and a wonderful resource for theatres everywhere, these 11 puppets are for use during rehearsals and for actors to practice with at home. 

Masterfully assembled by one of Broadway's leading costume fabricators and the creators of our Audrey II puppets, Character Translations has fashioned every puppet and each costume piece by hand.  Puppets, such as Rod and Kate, have hands which are operated by a two rod system.  Others, such as Trekkie and Nicky, are "live hand puppets" that utilize the puppeteers' free hand as the hand of the puppet.

Also accompanying every set of puppets is an in depth schematic detailing which puppet should be used for each scene and what clothes they should be wearing, making your puppet tracking backstage a breeze.
The affordable and hassle free alternative to making your own, MTI's AVENUE Q Puppet sets are an ideal option for theatre companies of all sizes

For further information and pricing please contact your MTI representative: 212-541-4684, licensing@mtishows.com.


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