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A Visit to Appleton, Indiana for 13

My family and I recently visited Appleton, Indiana to prepare for the musical 13.  This is what we found.

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Created by David Bell (1702 days ago)

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Christie Jeter:

Love the landscapes (and cute kids!) It's easy to see how the Broadway set of Appletonn with the telephone wires came to be. "A school, a tree, a couple of churches, and no matter how hard anybody searches..." Maybe not NYC, but thrilling and pretty in it's own way. Thanks for the legwork Bell Family! :) cj

(1702 days ago)

David Bell:

Shhh, don't tell anyone that Appleton is really a fictional town.  I was actually visiting Ripley, West Virginia.  When I arrived, It seemed so familiar, and I said to myself, "This is Appleton!"  I could actually see the red roof of the Dairy Queen from the house I was staying in.  (I looked online to compare Ripley and Appleton, and found out that there really was no Appleton.) I got very motivated and started snapping away.  The more I traveled and explored, the more I felt like I was in Appleton, Indiana.  And the topper was that the big park still had the Christmas decorations up!  It's fun that I got to create my own Appleton based on my travels.

(1702 days ago)

Jason Cocovinis:

That's totally, Appleton!

(1701 days ago)