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GUESS THAT SHOW - Segment #2

MTI Showspace brings you GUESS THAT SHOW where YOU take clues given to you by your host, Jason Broussard, and try and figure out what MTI show he's hinting at. Each segment will reveal the previous episode's show as well as announce who guessed the show right, a brief synoopsis of the show, and another hint for the next show.

Leave a comment or a link to your video response telling me what you think the show is!

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Created by Jason Broussard (1739 days ago)

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Sean Newman:

Tougher one this time, but it's the song cycle Edges.

(1739 days ago)

Tony Howell:

Edges--would love to do that show!!

P.S. 5 Stars, Jason Broussard!

(1739 days ago)

Matt Tamanini:

Absolutely it's Edges!  Even though they are from M*ch*g*n, I love the music!

Go Bucks!

(1739 days ago)

Kevin Ireland:

Definitely EDGES.

It was great to hear that 18yo Damon McToy won the NewMusicalTheatre.com singing competition this week by singing "Monticello" from EDGES.  So good!



(1739 days ago)

Joe Ferriero:

I know I am not the first but -- it's Edges.

Side bar - I am midly obsessed with Next to Normal - saw it countless times on Broadway including the final performance (which was stunning), I was even on Good Morning America with it!!

(1739 days ago)

Gordon Russell:

I know I am not the first one but it is definitely Edges.

(1738 days ago)

Derek T. Pickens:

That would be Edges. And I LOVE that it's getting harder! :^)

(1738 days ago)

Stephen Infantino:

I'm PRETTY SURE it's Edges!

(1738 days ago)

Marissa Volpe:


I absolutly LOVE the music from that show <3

(1738 days ago)

Drew Cohen:

I think we may need to up the difficulty level for this Sean Newman character.  He's the Ken Jennings of GUESS THAT SHOW!

(1738 days ago)

Tessa Silvestro:

Im not the first but it is Edges.  Great show!

(1738 days ago)

Nikol McKail:

This would have to be Edges....

AND writers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, won the coveted Jonathan Larson Award for songwriting.  Well done guys!

(1738 days ago)

Pat Santanello:

Well, it's either Edges or James and the Giant Peach, but I'll go with Edges for this one.

(1738 days ago)

Darryl Deason:

Glory Days

(1733 days ago)

Benjamin Edward Timpf:

Edges!!!!! LET'S GO MICHIGAN! :D

(1733 days ago)