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MTI's OrchExtra - Virtual Orchestra Enhancement

Give your production FULL ORCHESTRAL SOUND!


Revolutionizing the production of musicals throughout the United States, OrchEXTRA® is a user-friendly music enhancement system capable of augmenting student musicians and professionals alike.


You are NOT alone! Many organizations interested in producing musicals don’t have access to enough musicians to make up an orchestra. OrchEXTRA® was developed to assist these groups by providing the missing instruments needed to realize a full Broadway score, while at the same time encouraging all available musicians to participate.


For each musical, every part of the orchestration is recorded by a trained musician, then put together with the other parts to create a “sequence.” Each sequence can then belayed back “beat by beat” using the OrchEXTRA®system. Since each orchestra part is on a separate track, they can be turned “on” or “off” depending upon the musicians you have available. Your musicians play as usual, while the instruments missing from your ensemble (but required in the score) are played by OrchEXTRA®.

What sets OrchEXTRA® apart from other music enhancement systems is its extraordinary ability to follow a conductor’s fluctuating tempo as well as its ability to handle subtle musical expression.

NOTE: OrchEXTRA® is not intended to be used as the sole source of music for your production. It is recommended that OrchEXTRA® be used in addition to at least 3-4 live musicians in order to maximize the sound quality of the score.

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Created by MTI Showspace Host (1896 days ago)

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MTI Showspace Host:

An added note - now the entire system comes shipped in a briefcase-sized metal suitcase - all runs off of a laptop, numeric pad, midi keyboard and midi/audio interface (which runs out to your soundboard). It's an amazing tool, made even better!

(1896 days ago)