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Pinocchio (Prince Street Players

Pinocchio (Prince Street Players' Version)

Prince Street Players does it again! In PINOCCHIO the story of a familiar wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy is told with vim, verve, and vibrancy.

Set in Italy, this version tells the beloved tale of Pinocchio, a boy

Cinderella (Prince Street Players

Cinderella (Prince Street Players' Version)

Yet another mesmerizing example of Prince Street Players' aptitude for adaptation,
CINDERELLA (Prince Street Players Version) is a magical retelling of a most beloved story.

A godmother, of the fairy variety, inquires of he

The Wizard Of Oz (Prince Street Players

The Wizard Of Oz (Prince Street Players' Version)

The most beloved tale of all time comes to life on the stage as only Prince Street Players can do. Dorothy and her three friends trot delightfully and tunefully down that fabled road of yellow brick in THE WIZARD OF OZ.

After a

Sleeping Beauty (Prince Street Players

Sleeping Beauty (Prince Street Players' Version)
A sleeping princess, a spellbound Prince and more fairies than you can shake a stick at are all part of this quirky adaptation of the popular tale. The evil Trollarina exacts her revenge on the royal family by sending the beautiful Princess Melisande into an everlasting sleep, but little does she r

The Emperor

The Emperor's New Clothes (Prince Street Players' Version)
Two con-men "play the palace" in this breezy adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's well-known satirical tale. Mr. Stitch and Mr. Sew wreak havoc at Wits Ends Palace when they present the Emperor with a special gift: an exquisitely beautiful "magic" suit of clothes, invisible to all but the

Alice In Wonderland (Prince Street Players

Alice In Wonderland (Prince Street Players' Version)

The most frequently quoted and well known children's story of all time is brought to life by the company that has become synonymous with "theatre for young audiences" - ALICE IN WON

Aladdin (Prince Street Players

Aladdin (Prince Street Players' Version)
Magical, mystical and major fun, ALADDIN uses flavors from the Far East to tell the household story of an urchin, his lamp, his genie, and his love.

Using the art of Ancient Chinese Staging, an all-knowing and all-seeing the Stage Manager and his two

Treasure Island (Prince Street Players

Treasure Island (Prince Street Players' Version)
Excitement runs high in this musical adaptation of a favorite childhood adventure story. Robert Louis Stevenson's thrilling tale of pirates, treasure maps, mutiny on the high seas and pieces of eight follows Jim Hawkins, an ordinary youth drawn into a dangerous race for buried treasure against the

Snow White Goes West (Prince Street Players

Snow White Goes West (Prince Street Players' Version)
It's Snow White with a Stetson! Set during the California Gold Rush, this rambunctious tongue-in-cheek retelling of the timeless classic pits the hapless heroine against an ill-tempered saloon hall owner named Queenie and her assistant Sneaky Sam. In true fairy tale fashion, all ends well, thanks