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Can I request that a song be transposed into a different key for performance?

Created 19 hours ago with 1 post

Last comment 19 hours ago
by Ellen Starkey

Performing a show again

Thanks Andrew and Laura,

I did think that might be the case, but like you laura I was hoping to just pay for the liscensing too.

Created 12 days ago with 5 posts

Last comment 24 hours ago
by Heather Tait

Annie KIDS lyrics

Hi Scott,

 I am so glad you connected; situations of this nature take a lot of energy and can be stressful BEFORE your kids even take the stage. It strikes a chord with me personally as I was teaching in a public school when a similar issue escalated to a national level.  It all ended well and a great story for another day, BUT it all comes down to a some key points.

• Know your community. The less experience and earned respect you have in a district, the less leeway you have with choices of shows that break the mold for productions. The more you know your audiences and have earned credibility for what has been done in the past, the easier your choices will be accepted without discussion.

• Run your artistic vision and reasons for the show you choose by your administrator.  He or she is the one that will hear more feedback than anyone. Be prepared with data such as age appropriate storytelling, language, historical references, casting, $ for costumes, scenery etc. to substantiate your show choice.

History is indisputable.  What we teach may not align with individual beliefs, but we teach it fundamentally for decision making.  When we do Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, Once on this Island, Guys and Dolls and even Kinky Boots, we portray many varied religious and moral viewpoints.  It doesn't mean we advocate them, but we are living in a world that includes all. It is important to refer and explain in context all references that may come up, alcoholic ones in Annie and Guys & Dolls included. Key questions/discussions about substance abuse then and now are necessary and appropriate.

Be prepared to defend your artistic choice and stick by it.  There will always be parents with opinions.  Some are very founded, some make us re-think our choices and some have them just because they can.  Best of luck in putting out this fire.

Created 3 days ago with 1 post

Last comment 3 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Honk eggs

If you have photos and prices, please send to Are these able to be shipped or picked up in Oak Park? Have a great show! Bravo to Bravo!

Created 7 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 3 days ago
by Jim Miller

Lion King Jr.

The Lion King Experience will be available to accreditted middle and elementary schools in the next few days!

Created 361 days ago with 42 posts

Last comment 9 days ago
by Jason Cocovinis

Flying Actor Ideas

Our story for flying...

A few years back we did a roduction of "Just So" which requires the Kolokolo bird to "fly down" to save the Elephant child. Our design team created a fairly complicated rotating linear lever system that was to provide a gentle arc flight path. The height difference from start to finish was about 24", but she travelled around an 8' (or so) arc from start to finish. We kept it slow (safety), and despite everyone's efforts I was left with doubt that the effect was as succesful as it could be. That is until one performance, where right in the middle of the Kolokolo bird's flight a tiny voice of innocence from the audience gasped out "She's FLYING!!!". That was, and shall remain, a pure moment of theatrical magic. 


Created 18 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 14 days ago
by Andrew Williams

Hairspray jr casting?

I would love to here your ideas for casting of hairspray jr.!  email is! Thanks!

Created 319 days ago with 82 posts

Last comment 16 days ago
by Thomas Higgins

Production/Scene Projection DVD for Annie Jr.

I don't think they have a projection program yet for MTI shows.  We just started using projection last year and have been putting things together from the non-copyrighted photos or actually gone out and done photo shots etc.  If anyone knows of any better ways or have a program please share for sure!


Created 88 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 16 days ago
by Spencer Lau

Need a new performance CD for our show!

So sorry to hear that Jody!  Call your MTI rep Monday morning, he will straighten contact and have one to you asap. Hang in there!  C

Created 20 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 19 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Mary Poppins Play

I saw Pater Pan, JR this summer and they went up a level on a platform with rooftop shapes below and uplit it so they looked like they were flying. I'd like to have more ideas for flying!

Created 58 days ago with 7 posts

Last comment 21 days ago
by Patsy Riley