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Clueless First Time DIrector

Yes Welcome Elizabeth,

Andrew is quite right, if you have to perform at 3 locations, you have enough to worry about with kids and music.  Lighting is an excellent way to change the scene changes.  I would add turn the kids into set pieces as well.  Have 4 kids come up with outrageous body motions and 3 sizes of crocodile balls to simulate that scene.  Use kids with their backs to the audience in different poses.  You can also you simple quick movable items.  Individual trampolines for Grandpa Joe and Charlie for the bubble scene and just have the kids standing up and holding a bed sheet to look like the grand parents in the bed.  Let the kids also come up with fun ways to become objects and set pieces.  


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by Spencer Lau

The Lion King JR. & KIDS

Those looking for costumes , my costumer (CNY costumes) may shp to your area. Debra is the owner and creator she is wonderful I have worked with her for 5 years! She has never let me down , in fact when we did the Little Mermaid jr she didnt have costumes, and she built them for us , this year she is in the process of building the lion king (3 sets of them) so she has options. She will not be using puppets but she will be emulating the Broadway shows costumes. they have a website hope that helps

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by Lauren Zecca

Directors script

Hi Camille! There is a director's guide for many of the TYA shows, but for Shrek I am sorry to say there is not.  Break a Leg on your show!

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by Cindy Ripley

Peter Pan Jr.

You are a true professional Simone! You are forging ahead with a choice that is not ideal for the entire team and respecting the authors as well as copyright, in a world where many feel they can blatently abuse it. Email me privately and happy to share technics that may help make the process workable for you as I spent much time producing shows in a predominantly Native American community. Break a Leg and thanks for sharing your views!

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by Cindy Ripley

Hairspray jr casting?

Email coming your way Laura!

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by Cindy Ripley

Lion King Jr.

Lion King Jr UK SCHOOL! Can anyone help us source a costume for Timon? We would be willing to pay a hire fee.

Please contact

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by Liz Van Tromp

question re: pit parts/orchestration - les mis (school edition)

help/question :)

If you have keyboards 1 2 & 3, can you eliminate most of the other live music parts if you want/have to? Do the keyboard parts cover mostly everything, and it becomes a situation of optionally adding live acqoustic instrument doubling to their basic coverage. Or are there live acqoustic instruments which must be part of the ensemble?


Thanks for your help.

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by randall allen

Lion king Jr masks and puppet rentals

Hi everyone,

The canadian based Odd-Lot Puppetry Co. has hired a number of professional artists to create masks and puppets for a new rental  package made for schools producing Lion King Jr. Thought I'd share a progress  photo from the Facebook page, they will be releasing photos of the completed highschool sized set in the next week, and photos for middle and junior school kids later in October.

mask progress

Hope this helps, for more info contact

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by Brendan Boyd

Beauty and the beast

Many thanks 

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by David Walker

Lion King Jr costume rentals

I would love information about costume rental for Lion King jr. Please email me @

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by Beth Manke