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Lion King Jr.

A good question that many are curious about for sure David.  There are no plans for a full show, right now schools are the only lucky ones.

Created 200 days ago with 26 posts

Last comment yesterday
by Cindy Ripley

Hairspray jr casting?

Hi Cindy!

I would love your suggestions for colorblind casting as well!  Would love to do Hairspray, but our group does not have the diversity the piece seems to require, so would love to hear options!



Created 157 days ago with 51 posts

Last comment 2 days ago
by Cathy Sing

Who is in which scene?

Hi, I am preparing to direct Dr.Dolittle Jr. and I am just curious if anyone has insight to if it is intended that some of the core animals (Polynesia, Jip, Chee Cheeā€¦) are in the circus & court room scenes? Also curious if the Circus Folk are in Court Room or not, Mr. Blossom is referred to but it could also be just written in the note that Bellows reads. Thanks for any guidance.

Created 5 days ago with 1 post

Last comment 5 days ago
by jamie schwaba

Seeking Musical Suggestions

HI Lisa! Have you considered "Aida" or "Les Mis" that are part of our school edition series?  Both aren't brand new, but never seem to lose their popularitywith audiences. Little Shop again is anything but new, yet still timeless.  All of these have ample opportunity for ensemble parts.

Created 10 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 6 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

What show should we do?

HI Geoff! Congrats on your Beauty and the Beast JR with casts of thousands!  I love the inclusion, and quite honestly did many of the original pilots with casts of 160. If you are set on a Disney show, one of the most successful ones to expand is JUngle Book Kids.  It only lasts 40 minutes but is easily cast with large groups that are not gender specific.  If you need a longer show, look at Aladdin. Townspeople, shop owners, harem girls, guards and narrators etc. are featured in all of the production numbers. You might also take a look at Music Man JR and Guys and Dolls from our legacy series.  Classic shows with wonderful parts to share with a large cast. Lets get you perusals to see what you think!

Created 7 days ago with 2 posts

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by Cindy Ripley

The Lorax

Ok, thank you for the information. This show was the deleted song from the second act of Seussical, am I correct?

Created 29 days ago with 5 posts

Last comment 22 days ago
by Andrew McNamara

rehearsal length

Hi Nick!  The standard formula for JR rehearsal calendar (Beauty and the Beast JR included), is hour rehearsal for each minute of performance,  The length of the JR shows is between 60 and 70 minutes, therefore 60-70 hours  The calendars are based on that formula. How you use your rehearsal time (leads in one space, group work in another simultaneously, etc.), can cut down that time of course.  Ages of students, adult help and available space all affect rehearsal time, but the formula is very true! Break a Leg!

Created 26 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 23 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

The Time of our Lives Dr Dolittle Jr

This is where we have select Broadway Junior songs for download:

Created 36 days ago with 2 posts

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by Jason Cocovinis

Millie Steno Desks for sale

Hello Kathleen. Yes, they are available still. I have retired after 30 years of teaching theatre but will be happy to connect you with the new teacher. Send me your contact info to


Created 466 days ago with 9 posts

Last comment 32 days ago
by David Holmes

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Created 37 days ago with 3 posts

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by Mid-South Effects