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Lion King Jr.


The Lion King Experience is available to accreditted middle and elementary schools.  If you have any more questions, you should contact your MTI rep or call MTI and get set up with a rep who can answer your questions.


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by Spencer Lau

do you handle throwing the cake on Sharpay in High School Musical JR.?.

We have a stage without a curtain so I have to be very careful about any type of mess because we cannot hide to clear up.

Created 6 days ago with 1 post

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by Ellen Starkey

Posting photos of MTI shows to social media

Thanks for your quick reply!  And, a follow-up question.  Are there any issues if we were to compile a photo CD and make it available to the parents in our organization for a suggested donation?

Created 8 days ago with 3 posts

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by Lori Smoll

Production/Scene Projection DVD for Annie Jr.

Hi Folks! The scenic artist, David F., who designed our projection images, is making our PPT slide deck available for a reasonable price. Please contact him directly at: Check out the slides in action at:

All the best,


Created 119 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment 11 days ago
by Bill Stern


OK guys - anxious to see the most creative answers!!

Created 12 days ago with 2 posts

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by Cindy Ripley

Online actors script

Such a great question Aidan!  We all want that asap, right?  Unfortunately there is not yet, but there will be down the road.  Hang in there, not this show, but hopfully it will be technology you will use!

Created 14 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 13 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

best resource to learn new york accent?

Hi Nicole!  Congrats on having an Adelaide in your family - such a fun role to play!  In the JR world, we want kids to be successful to the best of their abilities.  It is up to her director, but it is most important for her to learn the music, blocking and dance solidly and then, a dialect if it is the director's choice.  Adelaide's classic Brooklyn accent shows up primarily on a few words: "other words" (uthah woyds) and "person" (poyson).  You tube will be a rich resource for her, just be careful that your daughter's interpretation of Adelaide comes through first and not a forced accent that makes her uncomfortable. Break a Leg!

Created 14 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 13 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

The Lion King JR. & KIDS


I am doing the show April 16th-18th and anyone in April will be one of the first to be doing it so you are in uncharted territories with us.  There is a facebook page called "The Lion King Experience" that those of us who are doing it are talking and swapping stories.

Created 59 days ago with 5 posts

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by Spencer Lau

Annie jr set design

Selina, that really depends on your space. Best advice is to talk with the tech you get projector from. Front, back, up, down all makes a difference.

Created 742 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment 17 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Pre-Show dialog - Shrek

Hi Andrew! Here is the scoop my friend. The text you are referring to is not publushed, but you may be able find on line and use at your own risk. We both might have liked a more secure answer but are not surprised, right? Always great to have your perspective in show space Andrew!

Created 54 days ago with 5 posts

Last comment 17 days ago
by Cindy Ripley