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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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HELP Itunes

You can click on track names and do it that way as well.  Anyway you can do it, then do it that way.


Created 3 days ago with 6 posts

Last comment 2 days ago
by Spencer Lau

Hairspray jr casting?

Of course, email on the way Dauphne!

Created 221 days ago with 70 posts

Last comment 3 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Pushback on our choice of show

This is VERY helpful and very inspiring - thank you so much!  I will definitly be in touch  to seek more advice and to keep you updated as this process unfolds.   Thanks again!  

Created 5 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 4 days ago
by Nicole Odekirk

Lion King Jr.

That's excellent to hear Cindy, thank you for the prompt reply! No kidding, I can't overstate how excited I am to hear this! :)

Created 264 days ago with 34 posts

Last comment 8 days ago
by Anthony Collier

Show T-Shirts

HI Kim! Spencer is right on about the form included in your kit, but your rep can take care of it pronto as well.  Here is a link for the info you need:

Have a blast with FS!

Created 9 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 9 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Pit orchestra/band parts

Greetings Dan!  I feel your pain of orchestrating for a middle school pit no less!

Unfortunately, there are no JR musicals with pit parts.  The Student Edition shows designed for HS do have orchestrations and some also have tracks.  

There is a tremendous amount of time and cost put into recording the accompaniment and rehearsal tracks for the JR shows. They are done in Nashville with top shelf musicians both adult and children.  The majority of teachers and Dierectors that use these shows for middle and elementary ages, need the track so our cost is devoted to recording.  Of course there is a minority that has a caliber middle school group to service a pit as well as a cast for the show. You must be one of the lucky ones and there are quite a few others that orchestrate it from the Piano/Vocal OR rent the full score to help orchestrate it for the level and number of musicians they have.  Put your request out here on Showspace Dan, depending on the show, someone may be happy to rent their work.

Created 16 days ago with 6 posts

Last comment 16 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Guys & Dolls Jr. availability of Bass and Drum score/chart?

Hello - we might have the opportunity to add live music to our Jr. Performance.  Is it possible to order score/chart for other instruments besides piano?  In particular Bass & Drum?  Thank you - Erika

Created 18 days ago with 1 post

Last comment 18 days ago
by Erika Navin

Can't use musicians


Most times if you google "Musical Theater Background tracks" you can find complete shows. A lot of musical theater companies do this. Make sure you find good ones though, they can be pricey and you want to make sure you get good quality tracks.


Hope this helps!

Created 21 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 20 days ago
by Alex Price

Millie Steno Desks for sale

Any chance the 12 rolling steno desks are still availble?


Created 530 days ago with 10 posts

Last comment 24 days ago
by cathy o\'connor

Sister Act

Thank you both for your prompt response

Created 25 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment 24 days ago
by Rhonda Martin