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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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Millie Steno Desks for sale

Any chance the 12 rolling steno desks are still availble?


Created 507 days ago with 10 posts

Last comment yesterday
by cathy o\'connor

Sister Act

Thank you both for your prompt response

Created 2 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment yesterday
by Rhonda Martin

Rolling desks for Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.

Thanks.  I have checked there.  Unfortunately, the closest place with rentals is in Las Vegas.  Karl has been super nice in his correspondence, but I'm thinking that the shipping puts the desks way, way out of my budget.  I'm just really hoping someone who has produced the show in California will read this.  

Created 4 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment yesterday
by Maureen Ghiossi

electronic list of scene and musical numbers

Greetings Luther!

Your Director's Guide on pge 169 is what you need for scene and musical numbers, but I am afraid it is not available electronically.  Life is always easier when we can click copy and paste...I know!

Created 3 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment yesterday
by Cindy Ripley


Thank you Andrew. That is helpful! I truly would not hesitate to contact my licensing agent however, I have to go through an artistic director and so it is complicated. I thought I might get a clearer answer through this venue and turns out I was correct.

Thank you again!



Created 4 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 3 days ago
by Rhonda Martin

Lion King Jr.

Disney Theatricals says January 15 release is good!

Created 241 days ago with 28 posts

Last comment 7 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Is it possible to order music in a different key


My program invested in the Superscope PSD years ago and love it, still use it for all our shows and events at school.


Created 9 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 8 days ago
by Spencer Lau

Information for licensing

Hello Cindy, thanks for your reply.
I will try to send an e-mail.
Theater is life!

Created 8 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 8 days ago
by Giuseppe Di Falco

Tyrone in Fame

Hhi Rhonda-Tyrone does not need to be played by a male African American cast member. Tyrone and Iris are boyfriend/girlfriend from the opposite side of the tracks.  Iris is wealthy and he is not.  This truly is the only contrast that is crucial for the story line. 

Created 9 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 9 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

JR versus Regular version

Hi Cindy,

Actually I am examining the differences between the JR shows and the regular versions. I feel the KIDS shows are definitely not a good fit for us. I love everything the JR show offers but just wish it was longer.

Are there particular JR shows that are longer than others? We did Alice in Wonderland JR last year and loved it but feedback from the audience was the it was too short compared to our usual productions. We are thinking about Xanadu, Fame, Into the Woods JR and/or Camp Rock this year but open to other suggestions.

Thanks soo much!





Created 10 days ago with 5 posts

Last comment 9 days ago
by Rhonda Martin