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Follow up show to Annie Jr.

Hi MTI community,

I'm co-director of the Lanai Academy of Performing Arts.  We're in only our second year, and did 101 Dalmatians KIDS this summer, and are currently rehearsing for Annie Jr. performances this December.  I've been struggling with choices for our next show:  we have a very wide age range of students--as young as 5, all the way to sophomores in high school.  Most of the kids are between 7-11, but the older students we gained (after 101 Dalmatians KIDS) are really talented.  We don't quite have enough depth or guys to do some of the more challenging Jr. shows. 

My dilemma is that I want to bring in more older students (and keep the ones we have interested), but still do something that can involve my elementary students.  Annie Jr. has really been a perfect show for our group right now--can anyone recommend something similar to this?  We don't have the resources or size to split the group yet and do separate shows.   Shows that I'm considering are Seussical Jr. (looks challenging vocally) and Jungle Book KIDS (I'm worried we'd lose the high school students on this one).  I was looking at doing Beauty and the Beast Jr., but it would definitely be a stretch for us with where we're at right now. 

I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice anyone has!

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by Matt Glickstein

Into the Woods License

Greetings Veronica! 

There are several choices to request a license for 'Into The Woods JR". Log into and it will take you step by step through the process. You may also call your MTI licensing rep, 212-541-4684

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by Cindy Ripley

Can't use musicians

check out MTpit

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by Meagan Olson

Lion King Jr.

A "one of a kind" experience..sorry for the pun!

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by Cindy Ripley

The Little Mermaid

Hi Zion!

Such a wonderful role! Every actor secretly wants to play this one-me included! Sebastion is a a KEY storyteller in Little Mermaid JR.  You have an EXTREME range of emotions and must be able to show that through song and acting.  I know you are aware this song is fast and fun, so first off practice you diction. If you are "spitting" those consonants-bravo!  remember you want to protect Ariel as well as show off all your colorful friends under the sea.  Practice in front of a mirror lip-synching (without sound) to make sure your physical expression is clear. Break a leg Zion!

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by Cindy Ripley

Hairspray jr casting?

Hi Cindy!

You asked for my email address to personally respond regarding how to cast Hairspray given that I am working with a primarily caucasian group of students.




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by Kathy Birkes-Drees


HI Wilma!

Are you referring to the LOGO PAK that you ordered seperately that includes Logo Pack CD w/ logos in color and black & white with multiple digital format files (TIFF and EPS format)?  The resource disc in the back of your showkit has the b&w logo. Let me know so we can get you going.

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by Cindy Ripley


Hi Cindy,

Share your email and I can help!

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by Cindy Ripley

Production/Scene Projection DVD for Annie Jr.

Hi Cindy! I need your help! We are performing Annie Jr. in less than two weeks and I am having difficulty trying to get my hands on the Scene projection DVD for Annie Jr. Could you direct me to the right location to purchase the DVD? Will we be able to have it in time for our show (Nov. 14th is opening night!)

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by Wendy O\'Donnell

HELP Itunes

You can click on track names and do it that way as well.  Anyway you can do it, then do it that way.


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by Spencer Lau