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You can get it through Tams-Witmark.  They're more expensive than MTI Jr. and not nearly as easy to work with (you have to return certain materials, so make sure to read your contract), so I won't use them again, but Bye Bye Birdie is a great one for the kids.

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by Rebecca Levy

Hairspray jr casting?

Hi Cindy

I would love to do Hairspray Jnr with my 11-12 year old Primary 7s here in Scotland but have an all white year group so would really appreciate your advice.

My email is :

Thank you!


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by Pauline McIntosh

The Lion King JR. & KIDS

I applied for the scholarship in the spring (due date for application May 2015).  I just went on the website and don't see anything about that but information about first and second rounds of application due soon.  I was wondering how and when we would be hearing about the last round of scholarships? Thanks!

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by Jessica Sutton

Last day of our Summer Discounts for Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, and other items!

Our Summer Sale is up, which means discounted prices on select items for a limited time!

*All Face Prosthetics have been marked down from $60 each to only $35!!! (Includes our Ogre, Donkey, Beast, and Old Age Face Prosthetics!)

*Bundle deals on our Ogre Noses and Ogre Ears on Headbands! (Buy 3 get 1 free, or buy 8 and get 4 free!)

*We have just added the NEW Lumiere Cowl & Gloves to our website at a discounted price for the Summer Sale!

*Discounted prices on our Beast Cowls and Jr. Ogre Cowls (made specifically for young actors and actresses taking part in Shrek the musical Jr.)!

*See our other unique items, like our Pinocchio Mask with Growing Nose and Fiona Transformation Mask!

Hurry, these prices end TODAY!!! (July 31st!)

Go to our website now at

Contact us at 256-347-9994, or email us at

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by Mid-South Effects

Mary Poppins Play

We just completed the first pilot for Mary Poppins JR Juanita.  At least a year, probably a little longer.  

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by Cindy Ripley

Banners for Mulan Jr

I don't know about that, but I'll share how we did it.

We bought large (I think 54" wide) dark red curtains from Target on super sale, cut them in half and sewed the edges. Our art teacher helped us get the Chinese characters transferred into the curtains and we painted them with shiny gold paint.

We attached these to our back curtain, which opened when Mulan goes to the camp to reveal a rented mountain scene.  When the scene changes to the Emporer's scene, the banners reappeared.

We made Mushu's banner the same way, but attached it to a PVC "T" which Laozi placed in a slightly larger piece of PVC attached to the back of our set.


I hope this might help.

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by David Bassin

Need Sheet Music to The Apple Tree: Here in Eden

I also need Here in Eden" sheet music.  Did you find it?





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by Teresa O\'Connell

Exit Music in Annie Kids

Neva, you absolutely may supplement with additional cast and should. Just make sure the story your are telling in the specific numbers is clear. By reinforcing that sound, your kids will also gain confidence. You have the 3 top priorities straight Neva: tell the story, showcase your kids and make sure they are comfortable doing it. Bravo to you!

Created 43 days ago with 4 posts

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by Cindy Ripley

Upcoming JR. Titles

Elf Jr....... Release Date Coming Soon? I'm literally having dreams about doing this show! Laughing

Created 598 days ago with 12 posts

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by Elizabeth DeRusha

Getting to Know. . .Series

Thanks for following up.  I've contacted J. W. Pepper, too, to clarify the guidelines for the GTK series.  

Created 50 days ago with 6 posts

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by Jennifer McMillan