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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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set design

need ideas for set design so I can create them for upcoming play

Created 13 hours ago with 1 post

Last comment 13 hours ago
by marie COTTLE

JTF 2014

Hey Elizabeth,

While I'm not the expert, it's probably safer that you pick another show for the summer.  I have found that depending on where it is with copying of the show, times vary all summer long.  Although Jason Cocovonis or your MTI rep could better say if you called or emailed them directly.



Created 88 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment 4 days ago
by Spencer Lau

Key change for song

Hi Millie,

I use the Amazing Slow Downer from It changes keys and speeds and is affordable at $50. There's a windows version and mac version -- and a trial version too so you can determine if it fits your needs. Good luck!

Created 15 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment 6 days ago
by Rita Pihra-Majurinen

Where can you find how many lines each character has in a show?

Of course, but when you are dealing with amature casts, and need to quickly understand the ensemble roles, it sure would be helpful.  

Created 12 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 11 days ago
by Karen Lesser

The best Shrek Prosthetics and Props at affordable prices!

Due to the large amount of Shrek productions we are currently handling, we are able to offer special pricing on our Shrek line of prosthetics. Call or email for info.  

Created 14 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 14 days ago
by Mid-South Effects

Beauty and The Beast Costumes/Props

Hi Cindy: We rent costumes at reasonable rates email me at - we ship and can get them out reight away. Have a great day!

Created 17 days ago with 4 posts

Last comment 14 days ago
by Jen Keenan Stryska

Willy wonka Boat

We need to construct the pink Willis wonka boat for a school play. No idea how to begin! Can a kit be purchased or the actual prop?

Created 15 days ago with 1 post

Last comment 15 days ago
by Kathleen Mee


Hi Lydia!  Contact your MTI licensing rep and they will order them asap for you. T-shirts as well as all the other resources can be viewed on line

Break a leg with Annie JR!

Created 16 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 16 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Shrek prosthetics

You could try Mid-South Effects' Shrek Face and Ear Set for $110. However, given the face cannot be reused more than once, there are websites such as However, given that anything else is VERY expensive (Ex. Mid-South offers a reusable cowl for $250) I would go with Mid-South or FX Warehouse. A good Pinnochio Nose would be a rental from Gabriel Design Theatricals.

Created 78 days ago with 6 posts

Last comment 17 days ago
by Andrew McNamara


Just fill out the form on Broadway JR:


Created 17 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 17 days ago
by Marcus Woollen