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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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I need sets for Little Mermaid.

Hi Andrew, Hope you have been able to check out community rentals and photos on the show page

The Directors Guide in your showkit under the design section gives you an outline that can be expanded or kept simple depending on your situation.  The main design costume for Little Mermaid JR. is using limited scenery and using students as scenery and peices that create the undersea world.

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by Cindy Ripley

I need sets for Little Mermaid.

We have some sets, we just finished the play at a middle school.  Where do you live?

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by teresa reinhart

Backdrops for Into the Woods Junior

Hi Deb! Have you checked out our Community Rentals tab? We have a backdrop that might be what you are looking for! Our custom Forest backdrop has been previously used for several Into The Woods productions! 

You can also check out the information on our Forest Drop on our website:

If the link doesn't show - just copy and paste into your address bar!! 

Hope this helps!

-Envision Productions LLC 
Sewell, NJ 08080

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by Envision Productions LLC.

Hairspray jr casting?

Good morning Cindy, please would you email me your suggestions for Hairspray Jr. with a predominately white cast?  Thank you so much.

Created 430 days ago with 101 posts

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by Jacqueline Marlow

How do I "fly" the Magic Carpet in Aladdin Jr?

I'm also thinking of doing this with my Middle schoolers. i would love to know more about how to build something that actually makes the carpet look like its flying.

Created 1771 days ago with 5 posts

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by Dawn Nazzaro

Discounts on Prosthetics for Shrek the Musical and Beauty and the Beast end this Friday!!!

Our Pre-Summer Discounts at end Friday, May 15th! Don't miss out on these great prices!

*All Face Prosthetics have been marked down from $60 each to only $40!!!

*Discounted prices on our new Beast Cowls and Jr. Ogre Cowls (made specifically for young actors and actresses taking part in Shrek the musical Jr.)!

*Bundle deals on our Ogre Noses and Ogre Ears on Headbands! (Buy 3 get 1 free, or buy 8 and get 4 free!)

Go to our website now at

Contact us at 256-347-9994, or email us at

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by Mid-South Effects

Peter Pan set and Costumes

Hi Dawn,

could you email me the photos to Thanks

Our show is not until April, but if you have what we are looking for we could buy it and store it. 

Created 15 days ago with 10 posts

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by Sheri Hecocks

Peter Pan jr sets

I need to rent sets for a production of Peter Pan jr in April of 2016.  Working on our budget now so I need to be working on this as soon as possible.  Thanks

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by Sheri Hecocks

I need a playbill for Aladdin Jr?

You mean on

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by Spencer Lau

Seussical Band Parts

Hi Vicky!  If you are referring to Seussical JR that comes with a showkit, Piano/Vocal and recorded tracks,there are not instrumental parts provided. The tracks are mastered with cues to help middle school age students perform these shows. The demand is not there as a majority of middle schools do not have the students that can instrumentally perform the full versions of these arrangements, but some do and want to have kids perform the accompaniment.  Of course you are welcome to arrange from the PV score as many do to suit their needs.  Put out an all call - someone has already done this work for sure and will rent or loan!

Created 16 days ago with 2 posts

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by Cindy Ripley