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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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How to make a cannon go of safely in Peter Pan

We have a ship for Hook and are working on smoke coming out on time out of the ship. Any suggestions that are safe for the smoke. We're putting a subwoofer in the ship for sound effect .

Created 7 hours ago with 1 post

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by rms drama

In need of poster/flyer help

I was given the job of marketing director for our upcoming production of Annie Jr. I am in the process of receiving quotes to print posters. I was given the production contract (8 pages) by the director. I see that there are 2 things required to be on all print materials. Page 4-show logo and page 5-MTI billing credit. I am looking online for poster and flyer samples, and it seems that NOTHING has both reqirements met! Can some share a sample of what a color poster should actually look like? Thank you in advance.

Created 2 days ago with 1 post

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by Carrie Hair

Hairspray jr casting?

A pleasure Tom. Kudos on your move and sharing your expertise with the other coast!!!

Created 187 days ago with 66 posts

Last comment 4 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Additional Scripts

Greetings Deanna! Absolutely you can get more scripts for your kids.  If you did not order them when you initially ordered your showkit, just call your MTI licensing rep and he or she will help you order them without haste. Break a Leg on Peter Pan JR!

Created 6 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 6 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

How do I make Violet blow up?

I made a costume that expanded as the blowup suit expanded. It is battery operated and super easy to teach them to use.   I have the entire Willy Wonka costume set for sale.

Created 15 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 12 days ago
by Allie Goldstein

American Idiot Release?

Hi there, I know American Idiot has been "next 3 months" for awhile. Any update on when it will be available? Thanks.

Created 17 days ago with 1 post

Last comment 17 days ago
by Joe Blob

Logo Pack?

So great to hear from you on Showspace Mary Katherine! The Logo Pack is ordered seperately from your licensing rep. or my MTI account. It is a color/digital  version with multiple format options and is $50. The black & white logo and other templates are all in the resource and media section of the Directors guide. Miss all you Freddie G's from this summer! Yes, we will talk soon, anxious to hear all that is happening with your program! Lucky kids to have you!

Created 23 days ago with 3 posts

Last comment 23 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Into the Woods - Giant video or effect?

Looking to gain some thoughts on how the giant in Into the Woods can be achieved. Does anyone have a video of a shadow that they've used? What else has been used to create the giant?

Created 27 days ago with 1 post

Last comment 27 days ago
by Joe Blob

Peter Pan

Hi Joyce!

There are logos for you to use in a variety of ways.  Easiest are the ones on your Resource disc in the back of your Showkit Director's Guide.  These include postersamples, poster template, press release template and program template all including logo.  If you need color, you can purchase a LOGO PACK for a licensing fee of $50 through your MTI rep or myMTI account. Each logo pack includes logos in color and black & white with multiple digital format files (TIFF and EPS format) ready to go. Break a leg on Peter Pan JR!


Created 30 days ago with 2 posts

Last comment 28 days ago
by Cindy Ripley

Lion King Jr.

A good question that many are curious about for sure David.  There are no plans for a full show, right now schools are the only lucky ones.

Created 230 days ago with 26 posts

Last comment 31 days ago
by Cindy Ripley