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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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sharing music with the kids

Glad to hear it's coming! How do they download? The iPad has no USB. 

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by Gwyneth Nicholson

Transpositions for songs

Hi Ryan-

The keys have been adjusted to be age appropriate, but as you know character voice ranges vary between shows, children's voices vary from elementary through middle level with boys  being the eternal challenge.  You may have to use other options if a number does not work.

 Adjusting some of the highest part of the melody with an optional part that the student can handle is fine. Adding more voices to solo parts is fine.  Changing some of the vocal line to acting/speaking is fine.  You can also use a CD player that adjusts keys, but not usually necessary.  These are adapted to fit the majority of voices in that age range, but I know well that it is not foolproof and depends on your singer.  Check out audition central for the ranges of each cast members part and make adjustments from there.  Each show is different Ryan- try combinations with your kids and trust your ears!  Best of luck!  Cindy



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by Cindy Ripley


Hi Paulette!

  • For a licensing fee of $50, MTI can authorize the use of any of our available logos
  • This can be ordered separately through your rep or myMti acount. 

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by Cindy Ripley

Hairspray jr casting?

Thanks Cindy!


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by Lindy Crowe

tee-shirt packs

Hello Damion! The very best way is to give you MTI rep a call and they will get them to you asap!  

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by Cindy Ripley

Rehearsal Scheduling

Greetings Donna!

Our formula is generally one hour rehearsal time for each minute of the show.  A 30 minute show as Jungle Book KIDS is, would be a minimum of 30 hours.  This does not include tech etc., and you may be able to maximise your rehearsals by working on 2 groups at one time. (dance group and leads for example). Hope this helps Donna!

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by Cindy Ripley

voicing/ casting young men in junior shows

I need some advice... In the broadway jr. shows, all of the music is in treble clef. Has anyone come up with a great (sure fire) way to split up the young men's voices in the choral numbers? (certain ranges you've found really work for changed voice vs/ unchanged)?

I have a mix of 7th-9th graders...some who are true basses, some who are newly changed voice, some who are "changing voice," some who are still singing soprano. Is there a good way to cast and set up voices that has worked well for people? I have only done a couple of junior shows and have always run into difficulty with this. Our choruses tend to sing 3 part mixed at this age/stage or even SATB giving our boys with changed voices their optimal ranges. Please advise... thanks!!

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by Nicole Wolfgang

Costume advice

I am needing costumes for our production of Annie Jr. and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on the best places to get them. Are there any "renting/sharing" programs with other organizations and schools?

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by Erin West

Any performances on L.I.?

Beauty and the Beast, sorry ;)

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by gail appel

Getting to Know. . .Series

Not sure if you still have questions.  But at Twisted Plays ( we have the Getting to Know You Collection (as well as Broadway Jr)  The license for these goes directly through Hal Leonard, so they can only be used in K-9.  If you wanted older you could connect directly with MTI or R&H.  Thanks!

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by Joe Ferriero