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The home of MTI's innovative Show Support program for Broadway Junior and Kids Collection Titles! If you're working on a Broadway Junior or Kids Collection show, and have a question - ask it here! We'll make sure you get an answer. Also check out the Forum below for a list of helpful topics from our knowledge database.

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Which Musical?

Many of the JR shows are adaptable for an all girl cast Jacob, but take a look at Dear Edwina JR in your first round of perusals. It is the perfect girl-power musical offering many great roles for female performers. Edwina Spoonapple and her troupe of performers present their "advice-a-palooza festival" and learn along the way that taking your own advice may be the best advice of all.  It is simple to costume and the set can be totally created by students. I have always considered this one of the most quintessential of middle level shows!

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by Cindy Ripley

Pre-Show dialog - Shrek

Andrew, did you ever happen to find this text? 

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by kyle weary


Thanks for the help!

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by Cathy Bruce

Lion King Kids ensemble

Hi Cathy,

While I am working on Lion King Jr, not KIDS, but I have a small stage as well.  I would suggest putting your kids in around the audience, or in the aisles.  Or you can move them on and off stage to make various effects.  Think about utilizing your cast as set pieces and props as well to integrate them more into the show.  Hope it helps,


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by Spencer Lau

Maurice's invention needed

Hello, I am currently doing a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. in Monument, Colorado and am looking for a working, lighting up, and smoking Maurice's invention.

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by Jeremy Holtrop

Costumes needed

Hi Dennell!

Do check out community rental on this site,  You may also hear from someone by simply posting as you have done!

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by Cindy Ripley

Where can I find prices?

Greetings Paige!  You are making a great step into the JR/KIDS shows, congratulations! The JR showkits, (60 min shows) are $645. for the complete showkit, and the KIDS shows,(30 min shows) are $495.  Please feel free to call your MTI rep to help you make your first ordering process seamless - they are wonderful and happy to help! 

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by Cindy Ripley


Sure Diane!  If you are a customer you can do it on MY MTI account.

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by Cindy Ripley


Hi Dawn! If you choose to use the licensed Disney logo, you will want to purchase the logo pack (a color / digital version). You can order it separately through your MTI Rep or MyMTI account.  There is a black and white version on the poster template in the Resources disc of your showkit which is free to use.  

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by Cindy Ripley

Willy Wonka Jr. T-shirts

Call or email your MTI rep Leonel and they will be on the way to you promptly!


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by Cindy Ripley