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Pre-Show dialog - Shrek

Alas no. I haven't found the exact text. There are a couple of quotes, that would allow you to create something similar, but the original text still eludes capture.  I've been a bit busy building a puppetry for gingy and the dragon of late to spend too much time looking. She's coming together, but still lots of work to do.

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by Andrew Williams

MS Musical

Our kids loved doing Dear Edwina. Because it's a series of vignette's held together with minimal dialogue (think Godspell or Schoolhouse Rock) it was easy to rehearse. It was a lot of fun. You can do it with a small ensemble cast, or like we did using a chorus and involving almost 70 kids by assigning them to different songs.

Created 12 days ago with 3 posts

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by Julie Pallas

Costume plot for Mary Poppins

Is it possible to get a costume plot for the show Mary Poppins? I am directing the show for the North Canton Playhouse July 30th - August 16th and would like to see if you already have a costume plot pulled together for this show. Thank you for letting me know. I know a packet of information was sent to the theater for perusal. But I do not recall seeing specifi

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by Debbie Cardy


Hi Kathryn!

No problem! Here’s a link to the list of sizes; the same page has a link to the order form as well: .

T shirts take 1-2 weeks, usually less and are $80. Pk of 6 in 1 size.  YOu can order from the website or your MTI rep.


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by Cindy Ripley

When is the Junior Theatre Festival?

Hey Andrew,

The Junior Theatre Festival is MLK Weekend in Atlanta annually.  Here is a link with more information but if you are interested in attending you should contact them immediately because spots are filling up very very quickly for next year.


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by Spencer Lau

do you handle throwing the cake on Sharpay in High School Musical JR.?.

We did this show at my school. I was Ryan and what we did was a fake cake on a platter flew on her, she fell, yelled "Someone's gonna pay for this" nd ran off while I was "Protecting/Shielding" her It gave a great comical effect but no mess. Break a leg! It is a fabulous show!!

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by Andrew Bennett

Theatre Groups In St.Louis,MO

Hi! I am wondering if any of you all know any theatre groups (Equity or non-equity) in St.Louis that need more male teens.

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by Andrew Bennett

Lion King Kids ensemble

Hi Cathy,

As Spencer mentioned using your kids on and around the stage and pit is a perfect solution for a small stage or not!  The design element is a MAJOR part of the KIDS and JR productions, so showcasing the costumed cast at different levels is a prioity. Use your basic elements of staging: levels, planes and proximity to support these characters importance in the story at the time. If scenery allows your design to sprawl into the auditorium, it helps create the world  of the Pridelands.

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by Cindy Ripley

Jr. vs TYA Shows

HI David!  Great question - JR shows are 60-70 minutes in length, the showkit comes with a one year license and are performed by children through grade 9, (older grades with specific licensing agreement).  TYA, Theater for Young Audiences shows are performed by adults for children and family audiences.  They land under professional licensing agreements.

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by Cindy Ripley

Lion King Jr.


The Lion King Jr and KIDS are only available for schools mainly. I would not anticipate the full show being available anytime soon. The process for a full length version normally begins with the show closing on Broadway for a period of time.



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by Spencer Lau