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Valerie Minniear's Photo Album

The Producers Cast Costume Package For Sale (3 images)

Group costumes for The Producers available for sale $750 +S&H.

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Album created by Valerie Minniear (662 days ago)

Valerie Minniear:

Package includes 20 khaki shirts, black clip on ties, red sequined arm bands; 18 blue mirror sequined knit dresses; 18 blue shirt / black skort with hand cuffs; 18 black and white striped prisoner uniforms (shirt and pants) with ball and chain.  $750 + S&H.

(662 days ago)

Aaron Knudsvig:

Any chance any of these costumes are still for sale.  Specifically interested in the Nazi gear--if you're willing to separate.


Aaron Knudsvig

(249 days ago)