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Kenmark Scenic Backdrops's Photo Album

Little Shop of Horrors Backdrop Package from Kenmark Scenic Backdrops (4 images)

Beautifully hand-painted Broadway-caliber, theatrical backdrops designed to provide continuity and quality to your “Little Shop of Horrors” set. 

These gorgeous drops are designed by Scenic Designer Jason Phillips and will be hand-painted by Master Scenic Artist Susan Crabtree. They are full-size drops and there are two sets, one 17' x 45' and one 20' x 48'.  Each drop has grommets and tie lines across the top and a pocket at the bottom so you can insert a pole to weight the drop. The photo of the Act Curtain is the rendering by Jason Phillips. We will replace the rendering with the real photo when it becomes available.

For additional information, go to: http://www.kenmarkbackdrops.com/show/little-shop-of-horrors

For additional information, please email info@kenmarkbackdrops.com or call 913-648-8125

Kenmark Scenic Backdrops has been "Making the Scene" for over 30 years!

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