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How do I register?
After clicking the "Click To Register" button, fill out your name, email address, birthdate, and desired password.  Click on any theatrical roles that apply to you—you can always add more later!—enter your city, and select a state from the pull-down list.  Click the box signifying that you accept the Terms of Service, and click the "Register" button.  You're now a ShowSpace member!

Can I register with my Facebook profile?
You definitely can!  Click the "Connect with Facebook" button in the Log In box.  Your Facebook profile picture and status now automatically appear on your ShowSpace profile.

How do I log in?
Type your email address and password in the Log In box on the right.  Click the "Log In" button, and you're ready to go!

What's The Green Room?
This is the standard home page/public area for MTI ShowSpace.  It's where you'll get the latest site news and activity and also find out about special features, contests, polls and a whole lot more.  Some content can be viewed without logging in, but most of the features are best accessed as a logged in user.

From The Green Room, you can see:
-The Whiteboard, which alerts users to events on the site, such as contests and discounts
-The latest Forum posts, Blogs, Community Rentals, Photo Albums, and Videos
-The Latest Activity from other users
-The current MTI ShowSpace Poll
-Featured Groups
-Special MTI ShowSpace Announcements


How do I edit my profile?
Click on the My Profile tab to view your profile.  Under the space for your headshot is a list of links, each letting you take a different action.  To edit your profile, click the top link ("Edit Profile").  Here, you can fill out as much information as you like, including your favorite performers, MTI shows, and venues.

How do I change my headshot?
Click on the "Change Headshot" in the list of links on the left.  Select a photo to upload; then, click and drag your mouse until your headshot is cropped to your liking.  Once you're happy with it, click "Create Your Headshot."

How do I add MTI shows I've done and MTI shows I want to do?
In the list of links under your headshot, click "Edit MTI Shows I've done." As you type a show, its title and logo will appear; click on it.  When you're finished, click on "Save" to add the list to your profile.  To add MTI shows you'd like to do, click "Edit MTI Shows I Want To Do," and perform the same steps.

How do I change the layout of my profile page?
Click on "Customize this page" in the box in the top right corner.  You'll now see a Widget Gallery on the left, containing all the widgets you can put on your profile page.  To add a widget to your profile page, drag it over to one of the three widget areas, according to where you want that widget to be on your profile page: on the right, the left, or in the middle.  To remove a widget from your profile page, drag it out of its area and back into the Widget Gallery.  When you're done rearranging your widgets, click "Save."


How do I invite my friends to join MTI ShowSpace?
Click on the People tab.  Under your headshot, there's a list of links.  To invite your friends, click on the "Invite Friends" link.  Enter your friends' email addresses (one per line!), and then write a message to send with the MTI ShowSpace invitation.  When you're finished, click "Send."

How do I confirm or reject a friend request?
Click on the People tab, and then click on the "Friend Requests" link.  If you have any pending friend requests, the number of requests should be in that link.  Click the button to confirm or deny the person asking to be your MTI ShowSpace friend.

How do I see who my friends are on MTI ShowSpace?
After clicking on the People tab, click the "Your Friends" link under your headshot.  Now you should see a list of your friends on MTI ShowSpace!

How do I find people on ShowSpace?
After clicking on the People tab, click the "People Finder" link under your headshot.  Fill out the criteria you want to search for, then click "Search People."  You'll now see a list of people that match your criteria.  Message the people you want to connect with, view their profiles, or add them as friends!

How do I send a message to another user?
There are two ways to send a message.  The first way is to click on the Messages tab, taking you to your Inbox.  Once there, click the "Send a Message" link under your headshot.  Use the drop-down menu in the "To" field to select a friend to message.  Then type in the subject heading and the message itself, and click the "Send" button when you're ready.

The second way to send a message is on the profile page of the person you want to message. Click the "Send a Message" link on their profile page, located in the list of links under their headshot.  Type your subject heading and message, and then click "Send."


How do I upload a photo?
In the Photos tab, click the "Upload a Photo" link.  Click the "Browse" button to upload a photo, and write a brief description of it in the "Title" field.  If you like, you can write more about the photo in the "Description" field, and add keywords in the "Tags" field so that you or another user can search for it.  You can also link your photo to an MTI show.  Finally, set your privacy level for this photo—do you want only your friends to see it or only logged in users?  Or do you want people who aren't logged in to be able to see it?  When you're satisfied, click "Save."   Your photo will automatically be posted in your default album, which you don't need to create.

How do I create a photo album?
Click the Photos tab, and then click the "Create a New Album" link.  You can also access this page on your profile page, by clicking the "Photo Albums" link and then the "Create a New Album" link. Give your album a title that reflects its contents, and provide a more detailed description about the photos you'll put there.  If the album is related to an MTI show, type the name of the show in the appropriate field.  If you don't mind other people looking at your album, tag it with keywords so it will show up in searches.  Then determine your privacy level so you can control who can see your album.  When you're finished, click "Save."

How do I upload a photo to a specific album?
If you want to upload photos to an album you just created, you should be at the photo upload page.  You can upload up to ten photos at a time. Once you've uploaded your photos and clicked "Save," you can either upload more, or title and caption the photos you just uploaded.


What kinds of video am I allowed to post on ShowSpace?
Due to copyright laws, ShowSpace users are not allowed to post videos of full productions.  MTI is not able to provide video licenses that would let people record the shows we license.  Getting a video license requires permission from the rights holders—specifically the authors, or whatever person or organization the authors gave the rights to (like a movie studio).  Videos on ShowSpace are therefore used best as teaching tools or to promote your production.

Only 30 seconds of a musical number can be filmed and posted online.  However, video such as rehearsal footage, cast interviews, and commercials (made up of a montage of 30 second clips of musical numbers) are perfectly fine to upload.

How do I upload a video?
Select Upload A Video under the Video tab.  Click "Browse" to upload the video, then give the video a title and description.  Tag your video with searchable keywords and an MTI show if it applies, and use the drop-down menu to change your privacy settings.  Click "Save" when you're done.

How do I watch another user's video?
Under the Videos tab, select "All Site Videos" to view the latest videos throughout the site; "Your Friends' Videos" to see what videos your friends have recently posted; or "All Site Videos By Show" for a list of all videos relating to an MTI show in alphabetical order by show title.  Once you've found a video you'd like to watch, click on the title . Then click on the video itself to start it.


How do I create a group?
Click the Groups tab; then click the "Create a New Group" link. Upload a photo to be the group icon, fill out the group name, and provide a description of what the purpose of the group is.  Set the group membership so that anyone can join, or only allow invited users to join.  Once your group is created, you can invite members, start discussions in the group forums, upload photos, files, and video, and create group events.

How do I join a group?
Clicking on the Groups tab displays the newest groups on ShowSpace, but with the drop-down menu, you can also see the most popular groups and the groups with the latest discussion.  To learn more about a group, click on its title.  To join it, click the "Join Group" link on the group's profile page.



What's a Show Page?
On MTI ShowSpace, each show has its own page, enabling users to view all content linked to that show in one centralized location.  Each Show Page features a description of the show, a list of upcoming productions, Forums, and related photo albums, videos, Community Rentals, groups, and events. 

Can anyone add material to a Show Page?

How do I do that?
Simply tagging your item with an MTI show title makes it automatically appear on the Show Page. You can also create Forum discussion threads right on a Show Page itself.

How do I find the Show Page of a specific show?
Type the title of the show in the "search" box on the upper right of any MTI ShowSpace page, and the Show Page will appear in the search results.  You can also let your mouse hover over the Shows tab, and pick the letter your show starts with. That will take you to a list of shows starting with that letter; pick the show you want to look at.  Additionally, clicking on the Shows tab lets you see a list of every MTI show in alphabetical order.


How do I write a blog post?
Under the Features tab, click Blog.  You'll automatically see the most recent blog posts on the site.  To write your own blog post, click the "Write A Blog Post" link under your headshot.  Write your post in the box, give it a title, and tag it with keywords if you'd like people to be able to search for it.  Unclick the "Allow Comments" box if you don't want readers to leave comments, and determine the post's privacy settings to control who's able to read it.  Click "Publish" when you're done.

You can also access your blog from your profile page.  Click the "Blog" link from the list under your headshot, and you'll come to a page of your most recent blog posts.  Click the "Write A Blog Post" link, and start writing!

How do I comment on a blog post?
Click on the title of the blog post you'd like to comment on, or click on the "Comments" link near the top of the post.  Write your comment in the box under the post, and click "Save" when you're done.


What's a Bookmarklet?
If you click on Bookmarks under the Features tab, you'll see a list of links under your headshot, including a "Get A Bookmarklet" link.  A Bookmarklet is a little tool that lives in your browser bar, under where you type in website addresses.  When you see an article, webpage, a video clip, or anything else online you'd like to share with other ShowSpace users, click the Bookmarklet to share it with specific ShowSpace friends, or with the site as a whole.

How do I use the Bookmarklet?
Once you have a Bookmarklet on your browser bar, you can start sharing online articles, videos, and websites with other ShowSpace users.  Once you find something you'd like to share—from any website on the Internet—click the Bookmarklet on your browser bar.  You'll then go to the "Bookmark This" page on ShowSpace, where you can see the title and url of the item you're bookmarking, and can enter some comments about it.  You can also tag it with searchable keywords, determine the privacy level with the drop-down menu, and click on the ShowSpace friends you'd like to share the item with.  If you don't want to share it with anyone in particular, just click "Save" without clicking any of your friends.  You'll now view your bookmarked item as it's saved on ShowSpace: with the title, a comment box, and your comments and keywords.  To view the item itself, click the "Visit Resource" button.

How do I view items I've bookmarked?  How do I view ones other people have bookmarked?
On your profile page, there should be a "Recent Bookmarks" widget.  It displays your most recently bookmarked items.  Click on the title of the item to view comments from you or other users; click "Visit Resource" to see the item itself.  To see what other people have bookmarked, go to Bookmarks under the Features tab.  You should automatically see the most recent bookmarks from all ShowSpace users.  Click the "Friends' Bookmarks" link to only see what your friends have bookmarked.  Click the title of the item to read the poster's comments and leave your own; click the "View This Resource" button to see the original item. You can also see your own bookmarks by clicking the "Your Bookmarks" link.

What's this weird little "Share" button underneath the links on the left, and what are the symbols next to it?
On almost every ShowSpace page, you'll see a little bar with the word "Share" and four small icons.  You can use this bar to quickly bookmark, post to other websites, email, or print any content on ShowSpace.  Click the little "f" icon to post the item to your Facebook profile or send it to another Facebook user as a message.  The envelope enables you to email the page to anyone, the star bookmarks it, and the printer icon prints it out.  Move your cursor over "Share" to post the item to a variety of other sites, including Blogger, Twitter, MySpace, Wordpress, LiveJournal, and AOL Mail.  You can even add an item on ShowSpace to your Wish List!


What is Community Rentals?
Community Rentals is what we call our marketplace on ShowSpace. Here, you can rent or buy those difficult to find or make sets, props, or costumes—and help pay for your next production by renting or selling those items from your old ones!

How do I buy or rent something from Community Rentals?
On your profile page, click the "Community Rentals" link in the list of links under your headshot.  You can also click Community Rentals under the Features tab. You'll automatically see a list of all MTI shows linked to Community Rentals posts; the number next to each show title indicates how many posts are linked to that show.  Click the show you're looking for; then click a post to view it.  To get in touch with the user who posted the item, click the "Email Rental Poster" button. To view other Community Rentals posts from that user, click the top link on the lefthand side of the page ("[User]'s Community Rentals").  Click "All Site Community Rentals" to browse through the most recent Community Rentals posts.

How do I create a Community Rentals post?
Once you're in the Community Rentals section under the Features tab, click the "Create A New Community Rental" link.  Type in a title and description for the item you're posting; provide an expected price you'd like people to pay, and enter how many days you'd like the post to be active.  Click the appropriate boxes to indicate if your item is a costume, set, or prop, and if you're offering it for rent or for sale.  Upload a picture to give potential customers a clearer idea as to what your item looks like.  Make sure that you list the shows the rental applies to and tag it with keywords so the post is searchable.  When you're finished, click "Save."

How do I know if someone is interested in my Community Rentals post?
Somebody wanting to rent or buy your item will click the "Email Rental Poster" button, taking them to the page where they can compose a ShowSpace message to you.


How do I create an event?
Click the Features tab, and then select Event Calendar.  You'll now see a list of other users' events.  To create your own event, click on the "Add Event" link in the list of links under your headshot.  Give your event a title and a brief explanation of what it is, and provide the date, time, and location of the event.  When you're finished, click "Save," and click the "Invite Friends to This Event" link to invite people.  To edit or delete your event, click the "Edit This Event" or "Delete This Event" links.

How do I join an event?
Select Event Calendar under the Features tab.  You'll see a list of all the upcoming events on ShowSpace.  Use the drop-down menu if you'd rather see only your friends' events, or only your own events.  To learn more about an event, click on its title.  To join the event, click the "Add To My Calendar" button.  To remove yourself from the event, click the "Remove From My Calendar" button.


What are Files?
A file is anything you'd like to upload to ShowSpace that's not a photo or video.  That includes articles, programs, posters, your resume—anything at all.  You can upload items in any format, too; you're not limited to a pdf or a Word file.  If there's something you'd like to easily share with other ShowSpace users or something you'd like to be accessible online, upload it as a file!

How do I upload a File?
Under the Features tab, select Files.  Then click the "Upload A File" link on the left side of the page, under your headshot. Click on the "Browse" button to upload a file.  Title the file and give a description of its contents if you'd like.  Tag it with keywords if you'd like it to be searchable, link it to a relevant MTI show if you want the file to show up on a Show Page, and select a privacy setting from the drop-down menu.  When you're finished, click "Save."

How do I access other users' Files?
Click the "Files" link on someone's profile page to view all the files that user has uploaded.  You can then click "All Site Files" or "All Site Files By Show" in the list of links under your headshot to browse through files other users uploaded.  Additionally, clicking Files under the Features tab takes you to a list of the latest files on the entire site.  When you see a file you're interested in, click on the title to see a brief description of the item.  To access the file itself, click "Download Document."



What are the Forums?
The MTI ShowSpace Forums are a place where users can exchange ideas on topics ranging from fundraising to picking a show to staging complicated scenes.  The Forums are sorted into categories such as "In The Classroom," a knowledge database for producing the school musicals and enhancing curriculums, "Community Theatre Matters," "The Performer's Spotlight," and "Backstage," which focuses on the technical side of a production.  Click on a category and read what people have to say!

How do I create a new Forum discussion thread?
Select Forums under the Features tab.  Think about what category your post will fall under, and select the appropriate category.  Then click on the "New Topic Or Question" button or the "New Topic Or Question" link on the far left, and type your post.  Make sure to give it a title, tag it with keywords so it's searchable, link it to an MTI show if appropriate, and label the post a discussion or question with the drop-down menu.  Click "Save."  You should see your new discussion thread at the top of the page.

How do I post in a Forums discussion thread?
Once you're viewing the thread you want to respond to, scroll down to the comment box at the bottom of the page.  Type your comment, and click "Save."


How do I find and answer a job post?
Under the Features tab, select Job Posts.  You'll automatically see the most recent job posts on the site.  Click the "Friends' Job Posts" link to view only the jobs your friends have posted.  Click the title of the post to read the full post.  When you find a job you're interested in, click the "Email Job Poster" button to message them.

How do I post a job?
On your profile page, click the "Job Posts" link; you can also select Job Posts under the Features tab.  Then click the "Create A New Job Post" link.  Enter the title of the position and a description of its duties.  You can also upload an image, click boxes to indicate the position's category (actor, director, designer, etc) and type (full time, volunteer, intern, etc), link it to relevant shows, and indicate how much the position pays.  Don't forget to include contact information and the location of the job, and click "Save" when the posting is complete.



What is MTI Radio?
MTI Radio is a streaming music player.  Click on the MTI Radio button above the Search box, and the player will pop up in its own window, enabling you to listen to great songs from the MTI collection as you surf the web.


What is the MTI Vault?
The MTI Vault is an archive of rare material from the MTI Collection—some dating to before the company was even founded.  Original production photos, video interviews with authors, workshop and festival photos, and production photos from contemporary touring and regional productions just some of the resources in the Vault.

Who can use the MTI Vault?  Who can add material to the Vault?
Anyone is able to access the MTI Vault, but only an admin can add material.

How do I access the MTI Vault? 
From the Green Room, click on the large MTI Vault button under the "Latest Activity" box on the right side of the page. This takes you to the MTI Vault's profile page, where you can access all the Vault's material.  The Vault's contents will also show up in a search.  If you go to a Show Page, any material the MTI Vault has relating to that show will be visible.


What is Show Support?
MTI Show Support is a free service for anyone working on a Broadway Junior or Kids' Collection title.  If you have a question about staging, casting, costumes, or anything else relating to your production, simply go to the Show Support page on ShowSpace and submit your question.  You'll get an answer promptly, usually within 24 hours.

How do I access Show Support on ShowSpace?
From the Green Room, click the "Show Support" button on the right, under the "Latest Activity" box.  You're now at the Show Support page, and you should see a place to write and submit your question.  Don't forget to title your question, tag it with the appropriate Kids' Collection or Broadway Junior title, and tag it with keywords so other users can find your post.  Click "Save." Your question will now appear in the Show Support Forum as its own discussion thread.

How do I know when I have a response?
When someone posts to the discussion thread your question has started, you'll get a message in your ShowSpace Inbox to notify you.  The message will link to the discussion thread, enabling you to view the new post immediately.  You can also change your settings so that those ShowSpace notification messages are emailed to you.

Who will be responding to my question?
Cindy Ripley responds to all Show Support questions.  In addition to creating the musical theatre program in Gowanda, NY, Cindy has spent 33 years there as vocal educator and music department chair, and has directed over 60 productions.  Cindy draws from this vast experience in musical theatre education in attending to your question.

Since submitting a question through the Show Support page on ShowSpace creates a discussion thread, any ShowSpace user is able to respond to your question . In fact, that's what makes Show Support on ShowSpace such a dynamic and valuable resource.  Instead of one answer, you can get an unlimited amount of advice and suggestions from a wide range of users—many of whom have done your show before.

Do I have to post my question as a Show Support Forum post?
Nope.  You can email your question to Cindy at  As with the Show Support page on ShowSpace, you'll get a response usually within 24 hours.

What are all these show title threads?  Should I post my question there?
If you look in the Show Support Forums, you'll see a number of threads titled with Broadway Junior or Kids' Collection show titles.  Feel free to post your question in the relevant show's thread, instead of using your question to start a new one.  You can also browse those threads and the Show Support Forum in general to see what issues other users have faced.  You may find the answer to your question already—or find a solution to a challenge you didn't expect!

What's Cindy's Tips & Tricks?
Cindy's Tips & Tricks is the name of Cindy Ripley's blog on ShowSpace.  Here, Cindy shares interesting questions, personal anecdotes, and creative ideas to help you during the casting, rehearsal, or production process.  Follow her blog on the Show Support page.

Can I contribute my own photos and video to the Show Support page?
Absolutely!  The Show Support photos and video are additional resources for our users.  Sometimes a description of how to do something isn't enough, and you need a photo or video to get a clear idea.  If you have a photo or video you think would help illustrate your response to a Show Support question—or that you think Show Support users would find insightful—simply click "Edit" on the photo or video in question and add the "show support" tag.  With that tag, it should automatically appear when viewing Show Support photos or videos.  You can remove the "show support" tag at any time.  Just click "Edit" on your photo or video and delete the "show support" tag.  Browsing the Show Support photos and videos is a great way to see what innovations other users have come up with.



How do I report inappropriate content?
If you see something on ShowSpace that is not appropriate or otherwise violates the Terms of Service, scroll down to the very bottom of the site and click "Feedback."  You'll then be at the Report This page, where you can provide an explanation for your report.

How do I ask a question or share my comments about ShowSpace?
Click the "Feedback" button at the bottom of the site.  You're now at the Report This page.  Fill in the title with the subject of your message, and write your question or comment in the "Additional Explanation" box.  Use the drop-down menu to identify your message as "Site Feedback."  Click "Report This" to send us your message.

What is "Copyrighted Material?"
On the Report This page is a drop-down menu on the Report This page where you can classify your comment to us.  One of the options is "Copyrighted Material."  If you see content on ShowSpace that violates copyright laws, such as a full song or scene, you'd select "Copyrighted Material" from the drop-down menu in your message reporting it.