Music Theatre International (www.mtishows.com) is the world’s leading dramatic licensing agency, protecting the rights and legacies of composers, lyricists and book writers.  MTI’s core business is issuing licenses, scripts, musical materials and dynamic theatrical resources to schools as well as amateur and professional theatres across the globe.

With over 300 classic and contemporary show titles from Broadway, Off-Broadway, and London’s West End, MTI shows have been performed by 60,000 theatrical organizations in the US and in over 60 countries worldwide.

MTI is particularly dedicated to the idea of theatre as education and has created special collections for younger audiences. The Broadway Junior Collection
ä features 70-minute adaptations of major musicals designed for performance by middle school children; the KIDS Collection provides 30-minute musicals for performance by elementary school children; School Editions are musicals that have been annotated for performance by high school students; and the Theatre For Young Audiences Collection, 70-minute musicals designed for adults to perform for children.

Welcome to MTI ShowSpace

MTI ShowSpace is a social and professional networking site that lets you connect and build relationships with fellow theatre people from around the world.


Why MTI ShowSpace?

Whether you are an actor, dancer, composer, author, producer, educator, student, crewmember, musician, or just a fan of musical theatre, MTI ShowSpace empowers you to make your next show, your best show.  At a time when the arts are feeling the state of the economy, the site is specifically designed to encourage users to connect and support each other. 


·         For Schools

Connections are a teacher’s most valuable resource.


At MTI ShowSpace, teachers will have the ability to find and talk with other teachers and people who have produced a specific show. They can search for those local educators, community members and leaders who might want to lend a hand or buy a ticket. Schools and theatres will be able to share, locate or advertise those hard-to-build or hard-to-find sets, costumes or props.  Showspace can be used as a tool to distribute audition and rehearsal information to a selected private group. If educators have a question for an author, they can query him or her directly and/or converse with other experts, artists and performers about their production.   Perhaps, most importantly, theatre fans can hear about and cheer on individuals and productions within their own community. 


·         For Community, Regional and Professional Organizations

Directors can query other people worldwide who have produced the show they are considering.  Theatres and organizations can share, locate or advertise those hard-to-build or hard-to-find sets, costumes or props.  Performing Arts Centers can build relationships with current and future audiences. Showspace can be used as a tool to distribute audition and rehearsal information to a selected private group. Or users can just dish on the current news and gossip or perhaps just their favorite Jean Valjean from Les Misérables.


Social Networking Resources

If you’ve never been a part of an online community before, there’s no need to worry.  MTI ShowSpace has been built using the industry’s best practices to ensure your experience is not only fun, but also safe, secure and private.


·         Social Networking in Plain English: If you’re looking for an introduction to social networking, commoncraft.com has a number of helpful videos “in plain English” that de-mystifies the subject:




·         Safety, Security and Privacy for Parents and Young Adults: The Federal Trade Commission’s website has a list of links to various sites dedicated to ensuring a safe online experience for all users.  It’s especially helpful for parents, teachers and teens:





Getting Started

·         To fully participate in all that MTI ShowSpace has to offer, you first need to register an account using a valid email address and personal password. 


·         Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to create a user profile and access the site’s exciting features.