Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know


Show Credits: Lyrics by Stan Freeman
Book by Stan Freeman
Music by Stan Freeman and Nick Santa Maria
Lyrics by Nick Santa Maria
Book by Nick Santa Maria
Music by Jay Leonhart
Lyrics by Jay Leonhart
Music by Lesley Davison
Book by Lesley Davison
Lyrics by Lesley Davison and Michael Brown
Music by Michael Brown and Murray Grand
Lyrics by Murray Grand
Book by Barry Creyton
Music by Addy Fieger and Dave Frishberg
Lyrics by Dave Frishberg
Music by Glen Kelly
Lyrics by Glen Kelly and Francesca Blumenthal
Music by Denis Markell
Lyrics by Denis Markell and Douglas Bernstein
Music by Douglas Bernstein

If you've ever traveled anywhere by boat, plane, train or bus and lived to tell about it, this is the show for you! Based on the best-selling book from Fodor's, SECRETS EVERY SMART TRAVELER YOU SHOULD KNOW is a hilarious revue that offers travel tips and cautionary tales certain to tickle the ribs - or chill the spine - of anyone who has ever set foot outside of his or her own hometown.

Everything from the coach class blues to pesky customs officials is lampooned in this smash-hit off-Broadway revue. One segment lambastes "automated flight reservation systems" as a man tries to book a flight with "Miracle Airlines" ("If it's a good flight, it's a Miracle.") Lost luggage is the subject of another about a hapless business traveler who finds himself "Naked in Pittsburgh."

Originally presented in a cabaret setting with two men, two women, and a pianist and bass player who both sing, SECRETS EVERY SMART TRAVELER YOU SHOULD KNOW can be performed by virtually any number of people, virtually anywhere. So hop on for the ride - it's sure to be a hysterical hit for your theatre company.

Insight from the experts Casting Tip: Piano player and Bass player can also sing numbers in the show.

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