Footprints On The Moon


Show Credits: Music by Jeff Lunden
Book by Art Perlman
Lyrics by Art Perlman

Footprints On The Moon
is an out-of-this-world offering from one of the country's leading creators of theatre for young audiences. Few subjects continue to captivate the youthful heart, mind and spirit like the promise of space exploration. The space race is on again in this funny, educational revue chronicling one of the most thrilling periods of history. Just before the successful launch and subsequent moon landing of Apollo 11, Jenny, a galaxy enthusiast, begins to recount her experience with the space race. Through a series of flashbacks, the story of how America found its way to their place among the stars comes to vibrant life. The struggles and triumphs of key players on the country's climb such as John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and even the workers who built the rockets, are touched on before we end up back with Jenny and see Apollo 11 take to the skies.

A story that will forever captivate and enthrall young minds, Footprints On The Moon is a wonderful option for theatres who have a large young audience base. Because of its potential to inspire an imaginative whirlwind of images, it would also be a good choice to produce as a small touring show. Footprints On The Moon's educational backbone will make it perfect for schools all across the country.

Insight from the experts Casting Tip: Predominantly men

Staging Tip: None. The authors stress it was written to work with the kinds of things kids can find around the house -- a tire, stools, fishing poles, a movie screen, etc.

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