Jekyll And Hyde (Youth Version)


Show Credits: Music by Michael Skloff
Book by David Crane
Lyrics by David Crane and Marta Kauffman
Book by Marta Kauffman


One of the country's leading creators of theatre for young audiences - Theatreworks/USA - masterfully converts Robert Louis Stevenson's masterpiece in Jekyll And Hyde (Youth Version).

Henry Meckler is a nerdy, outcast who's frequently bullied. Turning to his at-home chemistry lab, Henry mixes a concoction that turns him into the hunky, confident Eddie. Though he only intends to use his potion sparingly, he quickly becomes reliant on his new and increasingly aggressive alter-ego. Henry finds himself ostracized by his best friend, Stuart, and long time crush, Chelsea, as Eddie takes over his life and addiction takes it hold. Only through admitting his problem and asking for help will Henry be able to truly leave Eddie behind.

Quirky and compelling, Jekyll And Hyde (Youth Version) is a perfect show to produce as a touring production. Theatreworks/USA has mastered the art of traveling TYA musicals, and Jekyll And Hyde (Youth Version) is a glowing example. Minimal cast requirements, an age befitting libretto, and tunes to remember, its a wonderful option for any company committed to educational theatre.


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