Where's Charley?


Show Credits: Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Book by George Abbott


What do you get when two musical theater masters, Frank Loesser and George Abbott, adapt one of the most successful farces of all time? Where's Charley?, a tuneful comedy classic that earned lead actor Ray Bolger (of Wizard of Oz fame) a TONY Award and launched Loesser's career (Guys And Dolls)! George Abbot's book preserves all of the laughs from the record-breaking play Charlie's Aunt that the show is based on.

Oxford University students Charley and Jack invite the young and winsome Kitty and Amy to lunch under the chaperoning eye of Donna Lucia, Charley's wealthy aunt (it is, after all, 1892). But when Donna Lucia doesn't show, a desperate Charley disguises himself as his aunt so the young ladies can visit. Charley is unaware that they've brought a chaperone of their own: Amy's stuffy uncle, who promptly falls for Charley's aunt-like charms! When the real aunt shows up, it's all downhill from there: quick changes, fast-talking, marriage proposals, compromising situations and rowdy hilarity.

Where's Charley? offers a star turn for a talented leading man amongst a medium-sized cast. Featuring Loesser's critically acclaimed, but fairly obscure score, Where's Charley? is a chance to introduce audiences to a classic Golden Age musical they'll love, but that they probably haven't already heard, while keeping the interest of die-hard fans.

Insight from the experts Staging Tip: A room/ students lounge at Oxford, the street, a garden, the ladies' powder room, the ballroom. Feel free to go beyond the stage directions in the perusal. They indicate the original direction (the playwright was also the director), which you are not obligated to follow. Although it's not indicated in the perusal, original Charley, Ray Bolger, brought the house lights up on the audience midway through "Once in Love with Amy" and led them in a merry sing-along.

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Filichia Features: Here’s Charley!

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“Once In Love With Amy”: From Coffee to Muppets

“Once In Love With Amy”: From Coffee to Muppets

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