Show Credits: Music and Lyrics by Robert Wright
Book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis
Music and Lyrics by George Forrest


With 3 TONY Awards (including Best Musical), a television version, and an MGM smash film, Kismet is one of the most renowned musicals to grace the Great White Way. Kismet has proven a winner with audiences time and again, thanks to its exotic setting, appealing characters and wry sense of humor, not to mention a lush score adapted from the soaring melodies of Alexander Borodin.
A series of well-navigated, sticky circumstances have landed the quick witted Public Poet in opulence. His rolling in gold is cut short when his maneuvering comes full circle, though, and he is forced in front of the Wazir who is set to chop off The Poet's hand. As luck would have it, a last minute realization stays the Wazir hand and save The Poet's. The wild ride continues as The Poet's daughter falls in love with the handsome Caliph, The Poet falls in love with one of the Wazir's concubine, and everyone falls in love with the whirlwind of occurrences that could only happen on an
Arabian Night!

Kismet is a surefire hit! Comedy reigns supreme in its masterful libretto and delicious melodies abound in Kismet's score thanks to the creative geniuses behind Grand Hotel and writer responsible for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It's a must produce for theatre companies across the world!

The show won six Tony Awards, including for Musical, Author (book) and Composer. Since back then the nominees were not announced, there's no telling how many it was up for.

Insight from the experts Staging Tip: Outside the Mosque, a desert camp, a bazaar, a garden, the Wazir's throne room. a room in his harem, the Caliph's ceremonial hall. A "bathing pool" to conceal the Wazir's dead body at the end of the show. There are a few choice authors' notes in the perusal, and the stage directions are extensive. Although the show certainly has farcical tendencies, it's not intended to be modernized, lampooned or peppered with low comedy.

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