Ernest In Love


Show Credits: Book by Anne Croswell
Lyrics by Anne Croswell
Music by Lee Pockriss

Oscar Wilde's outlandish, The Importance of Being Ernest is one of the most clever comedies in the English language and the basis for this beguiling musical version. Featuring a score teaming with frothy melodies and clever lyrics, Ernest In Love is a delightful romp through love and manners.

In 19th century England mischief and mayhem abound when two young gentlemen find themselves in over their heads. Posing as a fictitious brother, "Ernest," Jack successfully escapes his country estate to gallivant in London and court the lovely Gwendolyn. Meanwhile, Jack's friend Algernon avoids dining with his aunt, the persnickety Lady Bracknell, by visiting his "very ill" imaginary friend. Hilarity ensues when reality and fantasy collide, causing confusion and threatening the love lives of both Jack and Algernon.

A faithful adaptation of Wilde's comic masterpiece, Ernest In Love features all of its much-beloved characters and most of the same production demands, with the addition of a small band. The clever, tuneful score is the perfect complement to Wilde's incomparable wordplay and immortal witticisms in this delightful reworking of what has been called "the funniest play in the English language."

Insight from the experts Staging Tip: A London street; Jack's dressing room and Gwendolen's dressing room (see EXTRA RESOURCES for a note on that); Algy's fashionable flat; the garden of Jack's Manor-House; a guest room at the Manor; the morning-room of the Manor; the lawn in front of the church. (You can find ways to combine the Manor House sets into one easy unit.) Which version of Scene 2/ Scene 3 you use could be instructive in helping you devise a concept for the rest of the show. This show was originally produced in an intimate off-Broadway theatre. For that reason, it should be very easy to keep sets light.

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Fall in Love with ERNEST IN LOVE

Fall in Love with ERNEST IN LOVE

In his latest column,’s Peter Filichia praises the 1960s musical ERNEST IN ...
(December 28, 2009, 3:04 pm)

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