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Summer Theatre is Upon Us!

Posted by: Pierre's Costumes (June 15, 2012)

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So this summer's trend as far as I can see so far in terms of rentals are supplemental costumes!  Most theatre groups are taking care of what they can and renting only the harder costumes that take a bit more time to construct or just contain elements that aren't readily available.  

We here at Pierre's are taking care of all the Mascot type costumes for a summer production of Peter Pan!  Yay Nanna and don't forget the crocodile!  

What kind of specialty costumes are you in need of for your summer stock seasons?  Maybe Pierre's can help you out!  

Liz - Theatre Manager at Pierre's Costumes

(215) 925-7121

Freddie G. NYC trip

Posted by: Patsy Riley (June 13, 2012)

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Looking forward to the Freddie G Experience trip to NYC! If you are a participant, give me a shout out!

Legally Blonde the Musical Vlog #1

Posted by: Chelsea Bailey (June 13, 2012)

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Hey all!! Here's is the first vlog for our production of Legally Blonde the Musical!

What Are My Talents?

Posted by: Mara Witsken (June 7, 2012)

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I hate it when I have to doubt my talent. Whenever I get rejected or told that I'm not good enough, it crushes me. I've been told that countless times, but I love the theatre too much to let it get to me. It's really hard sometimes. I've always been more of a strings player. I've been playing violin since I was 9. Now I'm almost 18 and still playing. I'm going to a camp in a few weeks and we're playing all broadway music. I'm really excited for the experience and the performance.
However, I am always wanting to get onstage and portray a character to an audience. I always do theatre at my school, and I take whatever I can get. Rejection hurts but I have to get back up. "I'm through accepting limits because someone says they're so." I've always loved that quote from Wicked. I have played the Witch in the Wizard of Oz and seeing Elphaba in Wicked made me realize that no one can stop you from achieving your goals.
Whenever I hear the word "Talent" I think of music theatre and dance. But there are other forms such as art and writing. A lot of people don't realize that. Talent can mean anything.
Sometimes its just hard to believe that. Especially when a cast member is pushing you aside backstage and telling you that your worthless. I enjoy doing stage crew, but its not my first choice. It's very nervewracking because if we mess something up, its very noticeable. Sometimes even directors don't realize that without stage and tech crew. The cast wouldn't look very good. At the end of the day, it feels very fulfilling with the hard work that we do.


Pirates of Penzance Jr Review

Posted by: Mara Witsken (June 3, 2012)

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Last weekend, I saw a production o the Pirates of Penzance Jr at Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though, I didn't find the plot very interesting, the actors Rylan Nixon as Frederick, Lauren Sprague as Mabel, Keegan James as the Major General, Ella Rivera as Ruth, and Austin Pheffinger as the Pirate King kept my attention throughout the whole show.
Their spectacular performances kept me interested the entire time even though I didn't quite get the show. They are to be applauded. Pheffinger's Performance as the Pirate king was amazing and hilarious. It brings laughter to everyone. Even if you are a grouch who can't smile at a puppy or a rainbow, it brings a smile to a person's face. Smile
I saw the chemistry between Frederick and Mabel, and it was very believable. Rylan Nixon and Lauren Sprague are wonderful actors and definetly have a future in acting ahead of them. Laughing
Lastly, Ella Rivera and Keegan James brought their characters to life on stage. I could definetly see the emotion in their characters and the funny moments were definetly carried out well. I was very impressed with this performance and I wish the best for the entire cast and crew.

My Opinion of My CYPT Auditions

Posted by: Mara Witsken (May 31, 2012)

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  Honestly, I know I don't have the best voice,and I know I'm not as talented as most people around me. However, last year it completely devasted me when I found out that some jerk was making fun of me while I was Auditioning for Crazy For You. After that, I knew that my chances of getting in were slim.                      
   After I found out that I didn't get in, I just let it go and went to stage crew for St. Al's production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.I got lots of confort and support. I didn't let my rejection get me down. I signed up for a theatre camp and did a production of Godspell Jr.AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE AMAZING. I WOULDN'T HAVE TRADED THAT EXPERIENCE FOR ANYTHING. Later that year I did A Midsummer Nights Midterm and Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.I am very grateful for the experience I have had at my high school. This summer I will be doing Mulan Jr. I am very happy to be working with everyone again and to welcome my friend Ian into our theatre. I am looking forward to it.
     Just a few weeks ago, I got some vocal help and spent a lof time work and effort into preparing my song for my audition for CYPT's The Wedding Singer.I didn't feel confident afterwards, and when I found out that my sister got in and I didn't, I honestly broke down crying, but I have realized that it is a blessing in disguise. My family is at my high school theatre. As I said before, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have a lot of skills to develop and more to learn about myself. I will be getting more help throughout my senior year by taking dance and concert choir.
   I have to believe in myself before I can even try. Otherwise, what's the point? I'm not giving up. In the meantime, I will try other theatres and more oppurtunities that come up. I am very proud of my sister and the beautiful young woman she has become.  I am also proud of my friend Kalie Kaimann, and I hope she succeeds in her pursual of her theatre career. You're amazing Kalie!! Also here's a shout out to Justin Kohler, Lindsey Mullen, James Jones, Annie Schnieder, Eric Sievers, Brandon Kappen, Stephen Phaphenger, Catherine Tuttle, and Katie Ruwe. I love you guys! <3

Freddie G on the Huff Post

Posted by: Jason Cocovinis (May 14, 2012)


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Here's Freddie's latest article!

We're shakin' things up at Cobalt Studios backdrops rentals

Posted by: Donna Wymore (May 11, 2012)

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Same low prices, same great service, same great backdrop rentals but we’re shakin’ things up a bit.

Starting August 1 (2012), we are saying goodbye to our nonprofit organization discount policy and saying hello to a new discount that’s for everyone.

Make your reservation and pay for it 30 days prior to your shipping date and you’ll receive 5% off the rental price.  Plus, if you rent two times between September and May, you’ll receive 10% off your second reservation – how great is that?

And, don’t forget, if you rented from us in 2011 or visited our booths at NYSTEA or USITT, you have $35.00 gift certificate that’s good until December 31. All the more reason to call now and reserve your backdrops for your upcoming shows and events!

Life in the Warehouse of a Costume Rental company!

Posted by: Pierre's Costumes (May 4, 2012)

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Hi all! 

My name is Liz and I'm the Theatre Manager at Pierre's Costumes. 

I just finished the cutest production of Aladdin Jr for a local Middle School.  I have to say it turned out really great considering all middle school kid sizing out of an adult rental stock.  I love pulling shows with lots of texture and colors.  For that reason, Disney shows are really great.


Harem Costumes

harem costumes for rental



The next show in my line up is a production of Radium Girls and I have to admit I've never heard of this show before, but after researching a bit, it seems like a great show to put on!  Don't get me wrong, it's a sad story but it was the beginning of equal rights for women in the workplace!  It's also a pieces show which is always fun and interesting to pull. 

That's what's up with me and I'm now heading back into the racks!