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freaky friday

Posted by: Lincoln Hamblett (January 25, 2010)

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Coolyea a new y-arts program came out freaky friday where learn about moves and play theatre games.Cool



Rehearsals .

Posted by: Matt Spencer (January 25, 2010)


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We've been rehearsing the show since we came back from winter break. We have a brand new choreographer. She is amazing. She’s bringing a totally fresh approach to Guys & Dolls. All of the cast is being challenged to bring new and crazy stuff to the table.

In the “Oldest Established” there are back flips. “Luck Be a Lady” features back rolls and flying gamblers. Havana has many, many, many lifts. Dancing with the stars would be proud.

Vocals are always fun. The next two weeks we split the genders as we learn all the music separately.

Drama is as usual, fun and creative. While working with our director on accents (my new York accent needs improvement!) he’s creating a world of New York, very different from the one established today.

More later!

Mags blog

Posted by: Maggie Larson (January 24, 2010)

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I searched online and volleyball is the most played sport.


Posted by: Caty B (January 23, 2010)

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Well, since I have blogged last, I've had my first 2 college auditions (Boston Conservatory and Emerson College).

BoCo: I started with a dance audition at 10 am with about 14 other kids. The first part was she sat down with all of us, introduced herself (Michelle Chassé) and then she talked about the program, what she wanted to see from us in our time together and then ran the audition as though it was a class. We did a very short traveling ballet combo to Bad Romance by Lady GaGa. I will tell you that after this, even if you completely suck at dancing (like myself), you can't be nervous. I just don't see it as a possibility. It was just plain fun after that. We then did a much longer combo that was sort a Fosse style, sort of a Gene Kelly style to a Bernstein peice. She really wanted us to act through the dance. DO THAT. It's not the first or the last time I've heard that. It is what dance is about and what makes it interesting.

(I had to go home between my dance call and my acting/voice call to print 2 more resumes. Thank God I lived fairly close. Don't do that to yourself. Print a bajillion copies of your resume)

At about 3 I had my acting/voice audition. 2 monologues -1 contemp (Albee, Miller, blah blah blah. Not stuff like LaBute) 1 classical, 2 songs -1 pre1965 (legit), 1 post (pop/belt). I did "First Moment" from Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin's Savage/Love, one of Kate's monologues from Taming of the Shrew, "Raunchy" from 110 in the Shade, and "Just a Housewife" from Working. I didn't forget any words and they went by just fine. I don't know about exceptional, but I managed. I was then invited to sit down with the two people evaluating me (Neil Donohoe and Katie Shinay) and they asked me a few questions pertaining to a form I had to fill out about my music experience; things like: "What voice part do you normally sing in choir?" "How are you with harmonies?" ("great" *check mark* awesome) "Do you normally sing in your head voice or chest voice?" To the last question, I was about to freak out. My first voice lesson with my present teacher, he told me to forget about head and chest voice and think about my voice as one long string. It helped A LOT. So I kind of just BS'd my answer and said head voice because that's what I used to do. I guess I'd been in my chest voice because they asked me to sing something in my head voice. I sang Perfect from Edges. They were very nice, chill, happy to be there.

Emerson: Today I had to be at the audition from 9-1 (I ended up being there until 1:30). We checked in, got our pictures taken (instead of a headshot) and were told to get in our dance clothes because that's what we were doing first. After changing, we went into a classroom (there were something like 15 kids) and were given a spiel on the school, we were allowed to ask questions about the school. This was with Stephen Terrell, who was administering our entire audition. He was very friendly, very chill, I think his talk with us is what got me to not be so nervous. We went into a dance room and did a very simple (although when sped up, I look spastic and can't do it) dance to "You Can't Stop the Beat" which was fun. He also told everyone to act through the dance. DOOOO IIIT.

We then went into a holding room and volunteered to go as it went on. Even though I really wanted to go 2nd, somehow I ended up going last. 1 contemp (show off you and language easy to work with) monologue and prepare 2 songs, but not everyone did both. I only did one. This audition I did a Steph's monologue from reasons to be pretty by Neil LaBute and "Raunchy" again. He worked with people on one and/or the other, see how you take direction. He stopped me like 2 lines into my monologue. Wah wah. But I got better with the direction. That's one thing I'm AWESOME at. Taking direction is my specialty, so I was pumped when he said that he'd be messing with us and do direction stuff. It made me happy. Then I banged out my song and the accompanist (Sooo good. She had perfect pitch. She could look at a song and start singing it) gave me a compliment on actually doing the music right. I held the fermatas at the beginning of the song. I guess people don't read music... also a strength of mine I suppose.

IN SHORT: Bring a bunch of copies of your headshot and resume just in case.

Have back up songs. Develop youre repertiore list. Think of songs you've done before and refresh them.

Act through your monologue of course, but don't forget about your song and the dance combo. You still need to act through everything, it's still theater and it will save your butt if you can't sing and/or act.

This has been forever long. I'll get back to you after I go to the unified in Chicago!

Much love and good thoughts-

Caty B

What did you think of JTF?

Posted by: Kendyl Suvick (January 23, 2010)

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HI! I went to the Jr. Theatre Festival this year and had a blast! All of the shows that I saw were so creative and funny! I was in a performance of "Dear Edwina Jr."(Jeter Backyard Theater a.k.a. JBT) I'd love to see what everyone else thinks of JTF and also would love to see parts of shows on YouTube that anyone has recently done. I love to see what other groups can do but I mostly love to watch these entertaining shows!

~Kendyl Suvick
Better known as ~Kendy Kane

Wondering why they are pulling the plug on the movie (remake): "Footloose"?

Posted by: George Simons (January 22, 2010)

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I know the article says it is being pulled due to the director leaving over "creative differences", but I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what these creative differences were?

Mags blog

Posted by: Maggie Larson (January 21, 2010)

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Go JTF!!!!!!

WANTED: 5-6 Legit Tenors. Apply to NSCHS Producers Cast.

Posted by: Ebeth Engquist (January 20, 2010)

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Finishing up my MPulse application, finding other programs to throw my hat into, moving up into the world.

Steel is stalled (for now), until producers schedule is more finalized.

And as for Producers, I will be playing Hold Me-Touch Me. First off, what a huge shock (!!!!!). Second off, I was a tinge upset at first, because I really, really wanted ot be in the tap/showgirl ensemble. It was a bit of a pipedream, as i am so not a showgirl, but i still really wanted it. But as I move foward, I do see that I am incredibly greatful for this role. A legit resume credit, featured part, a sign of faith from my directors, and a new opportunity. It is ENTIRELY out of my comfort zone, so it serves to push me as an actor to try new things. I am INSANELY nervous (what if i'm just not....funny?), but i'm trying not to get bogged down in that and just working my ass off. Thanksfully my one and only Rosie was there with words of wisdom and guidance.


This show is gonna be ridiculous.

The road to Guys & Dolls

Posted by: Matt Spencer (January 20, 2010)


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Hi out there in showspace!
Matt here in his first blog! wait- why am I writing in third? Going back to normal writing....now!

Guys and Dolls have been rehearsing at DEHS for three weeks now. But before we get to that lets back track, to last May!

Last May as a cast of actors we learned we would be performing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. We were told that our principal had ok'ed the show and we were pumped! Our senior cast is filled with a bunch of really talented guys.

Well, a week before our organization meeting, in November we found out - via word of mouth, that we were not performing Forum. Due to the "community standards."

As you well know, actors take nothing standing down and principal soon learned his mistake. He learned to meet with actors one on one. I asked hard hitting questions, which he did not answer.

To this day we do not know why, other than "Community Standards" is the reason.


So happier times, we auditioned and cast Guys & Dolls, which is exciting. This year, due to the amount of guys, double cast the show. I'm playing Nathan in the Gold cast. Rock on Gold cast! I'll keep blogging as we go!

If you don't like "community standards" let me know!








Posted by: Cindy Ripley (January 20, 2010)


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I guess 1700 kids and their teachers had me on overload as I look at the spelling on my last quick blog/wall post from the 2010 Junior Theater Festival! Sorry about that!  Still in the afterglow of celebrating the craft of musical Theater with kids and their teachers. The performances I adjudicated were stellar, the creativity,  teamwork, personalities and efforts were over the top.  I must admit, attempting to write the first Director's Guide of "Annie Jr." in 1995 is a far cry from where kids and teachers have taken it.  Magic?  No,simply hard work that we love and feel passionately about no matter what the economy, where you live, what kind of school or program you come from and how much help you have. I consider it a privilege to have participated from the beginning as you  continually proceed to new heights.  I was especially touched, and fought back tears at the films of Freddie Gershon talking about his vision and then presenting the incredible gift to 6 teachers of Teacher Training, completely funded, with all of us in NYC this summer. He continues to inspire me with his support of ALL who believe in the dream of quality, age appropriate musical theater opportunities for ALL children. Huge kudos to the MTI crew with us at JTF - John,Jason, Jessie, Jason,Michael, Kaitlin and Marcus!  Their work to make things easier and accessible for teachers (yay showspace!!) is irrepressible, and they continue to work hard to improve it more for all.  Thanks guys!!  My colleagues at iTheatrics..(Tim, Marty, Steven, Lindsay and Susie) well lets just say they are my family and this was like celebrating a holiday(only a wee bit more prep!)

Big congrats to all of you and your kids who attended.  Your excitement and dedication was overwhelming.  Am very excited to hopefully come to some of your schools for staff development and/or to work with your kids. Please, keep sending me pics of your hows to share!   Was GREAT to be able to talk with some of you in person.   Hope you feel my sincere standing ovation!   Cindy