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How can I rent/buy or make a Beauty & Beast Lumiere costume?

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Sandra Douglas:

Most costume rental companies do not do individual rentals, they require the entire set.   I only need the Lumiere costume.  This is for the Jr version but the actor is large enough to fit into a small adult costume if need be.   I would be willing to purchase costume if reasonable or willing to try to make one.  Any suggestions?

(2104 days ago)
Cindy Ripley:

Hi Sandra! First of all you can check on our Community rentals under Features at the top of the page.  Lumiere is a relatively easy costume to put together from a thrift shop. The basic suggestion that I designed in the Director's Guide was a silky blouse with ruffled front,(you can add a great non-sew ruffle cut out of interfacing), a longer vest possibly of brocade with trim glue-gunned on, knickers (could be thrift store velvet pants cut off with casing for elastic at the knee, and of course white tights, wig and hat of choice.  The most fun piece that we created for the pilot were the "candle hands".  These can be built on a cuffed work glove covered with an oatmeal/coffee can with battery candle inside.  Cover it with white felt and create a wax look with glue gun drips. Voila!

(2104 days ago)