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Small Band?

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Joe Ferriero:

Hey - I was wondering does anyone know if Young Frankenstein can be done with a 4 or 5 piece band?

(1048 days ago)
Joe Ferriero:

Going to bump this topic ... my students really want to perform this show this summer and we can only hire about 5 band members ... does anyone think this is possible?

(1026 days ago)
Scott Frost:

Would any of your instrumentalists be doing any doubling?  I think it is possible- especially if you and your students really want to put on the show.  Start with the esentials- piano and drum and flesh it out from there.  I think you would really want the brass in there so if you can get a brass player to cover the various important brass lines etc.  If you had someone who was a good synth player they could be a major help in covering alot of the doubling in the show.  Of course everyone wants the full orchestra sound but if you have to down size because of budget don't let it shy you away from the show all together.  It will take work but once you know who you have and what all is in the various orchestra books you can work it out.  Young Frankenstein it is!

(1025 days ago)
Joe Ferriero:

Thanks Scott!! I really appreciate that!!

(1022 days ago)