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How do you make Milky White the cow from Into the Woods

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Angela Mullen:

Can find any specifications anywhere to help me build/make Milky White the cow from Into the Woods.  I saw the YouTube video from Bath, UK but that's all it was, a video.

Can anybody help?

(1054 days ago)
Pierre's Costumes:

Hi Angela, 

It all depends on if you want it as a prop or as a character.  I have milky white as a costume for rental in our warehouse.  But if you are thinking a prop, I would agree with the video I've seen, start with a wood frame, wrap it with chicken wire/ fence, and paper mache the whole thing and then paint!  I hope you figure it out! 

Break a leg!

~ Liz @ Pierre's Costumes

(1019 days ago)
Lisa Weinshrott:

Milky WhiteEast Grand Rapids High School has a great one for rent along with other scenery elements. Milky White

(983 days ago)
Theresa Brandon:

I don't see a way to make a live link, but you can cut and paste this into your browser.


Milky White

(664 days ago)

Love the costume idea ...perhaps with the flower cow bell necklace and a milk can ...and three-legged stool.

(558 days ago)