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How to make Pinocchio's nose grow....

Marly Madayag:

Hi there. I'm thinking of doing Pinocchio this fall and am looking for ideas on how to make Pinocchio's nose grow while the actor is on stage. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

(2054 days ago)
Chris Donelson:

We used a small telescoping looking glass (pirate toy) with the lens taken out and rigged with elastic to fit on the actors face.

(2034 days ago)
Noah Scott:

please let me know too.....I am really confused how unless you make the nostrils like gears to make it grow.



(2005 days ago)
Jesse Johnson:

In thinking about how I would do this, I cam up with a few possible ideas.

1) I know that they make battery powered aquarium pumps. I did a quick "google" search and found one for under $10 (available at www.strictlypetsupplies.com) Maybe if the actor carries a pump in his pocket, you can run fish tubing behind his ear and attach it to a balloon ( the long kind used by clowns to make balloon animals). When the pump is turned on, it should blow up the balloon. 

2) Create something like a collapsible cup, where several cones are stacked inside each other, and as you pull them out they get stuck on each other (trapped inside each other). Attach it to the actor's face with an elastic strap.

3) Have the actor stand profile by a curtain and have someone behind the curtain extend something like a broom handle. From the audience, it could look like his nose is growing.

I'll be eager to see what other ideas people come up with.


(1957 days ago)
Richard Davis:

I used a pnochio nose split it in half and put a slide whistle inside.  Then I added fabric from nylons inbetween the latex piece.  he  just had to pull it to make the nose grow.

(1872 days ago)
David Bell:

Richard, that's how I saw it done last year at Starstruck Studios.  It worked great and was simple.

(1857 days ago)
Noah Scott:

I am confused but really need to know...I am doing it in March and am looking at how to.

(1845 days ago)
Tang Theatre:

So I did the show in June. My Make Up/Hair designer was looking in our theatre costume loft and found a bag with a Pinocchio nose! It was a Pinocchio nose with a light weight wood tip with a hole to fit a peg. Then there were different size nose attachments with a peg that fit the hole. We just switched them each time it grew. Very simple especial for the 9 year old playing the part. I do like the the slide whistle idea. I think if someone marketed a growing nose it would sell. When his nose grows in the whale we did it in shadow with a pipe.

(1844 days ago)
Diane Sofer:

I am doing Pinocchio this spring and I have done the show before.  In the past I have used a pre fab rubber nose cut dowh so it over-laps itself, and used a plastic tampon applicator inside so it slid easily. I painted the applicator flesh tone, and added some material to keep it from popping apart.  Its lightweight and I believe playtex super applicators are uniform iin size.  I like the slide whistle idea but what about the weight.  Oh, and toupe tape works wonders to hold nose in place, clean skin area with alcohol first.

(1792 days ago)
Marly Madayag:

Thanks so much everyone!  The production company decided to mount Peter Pan instead, however, Pinocchio may still be in my future.  I'm going to try the nose with multiple attachments.  It sounds easy enough for any of the kids I work with.  BTW, there are times that directing is the best job in the world.  This is definitely one of those times. 

(1788 days ago)
Michele Schoepp:


I am currently doing Pinocchio and we are gluing a strong button magnet to Pinocchio's nose, covered by flexh liquid latex. We then have created out of styrofaom sections of nose. The first piece is a bit bigger & has the magnet in one end. To keep them light, we hollowed them out & created male & female ends on the sections so they fit together. Pinocchio turns his head away from the audience, slips a nose piece on & boom - it grows! Not high tech but good enough for community theater.  We have several sets made because they are a bit fragile.

(1528 days ago)
Gabriel Design Theatricals Jason Kramer, Owner:

If you are interested in renting instead of building your own, we have one available at Gabriel Design Theatricals...http://www.mtishowspace.com/community-rentals/485891/shrek-pinocchios-nose. Let us know if you'd like more info about availability and pricing for your production at contact@gabrieldesign.org.

(825 days ago)
Dean Cole:

We staged Pinocchio back in January and had a mechanical growing nose custom made. We would be willing to hire this out to anyone in the uk. visit http://www.thewestenders.co.uk to contact us for further info. here is a video of the nose in action 



(817 days ago)
Natalia Nikolaeva:

Hi Dean, 

Where did you have it made? We are from the UK but work in Hong Kong, so renting might not work but maybe we can try and have one built as we will be in the UK at christmas!


Thanks, N

(740 days ago)