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Unique Audrey II Puppets for rent

Unique Audrey II Puppets for rent

Posted By: Fergus J Walsh (March 29, 2014)

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This rental is for the following shows: Little Shop Of Horrors

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Your Little Shop of Horrors production will stand out from the crowd with a completely original design from Michael Bush and Fergus J Walsh. We are professional puppeteers and have built puppets for Broadway, Hollywood, School Shows and everything in between.

The plant grows from 1 foot to over 8 foot tall and spreads around the stage in 4 separate stages. She can tower over your actors, entrap them in her vines, devour them and watch them with her evil eye while she is doing it.

We can deliver to anywhere in the USA. The puppets come in a crate which is 4'x4'x5' in size.

For more information and photos visit www.rentaudrey2.com.

For enquiries please contact fergusjwalsh@gmail.com


Expected Price: $1,250 for 10 days. expires (03/29/15)

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