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"Tarzan" Rentals, $15/Costume (size Youth Medium - Adult XXL)

Posted By: Kayla Yaeger (February 6, 2014)

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This rental is for the following shows: Tarzan

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Rent costumes for your community theater or high school production of "Tarzan" for only $15/costume! These costumes were designed for an intergenerational community theater to represent the Broadway "look" while keeping production costs down. In order to do this, all actors must provide their own black, brown or gray pants to wear underneath the leg portion of their costume. (Costumes were originally used for a double cast of 100 actors and nearly every actor had a pair of pants/leggings already in their closet.)

Lead Costumes Available: 

Kerchak (sizes Adult Medium & Adult XXL). Kala (sizes Adult Medium & Adult XL). Terk (sizes Youth Large and Adult Small/Medium) . Leopard (size Adult Small). Jane's Yellow Dress (size Adult XS/Small). Jane's Explorer Vest and Knickers (Adult XS/Small). Mother's Dress (Adult Small/Medium). Fathers Shirt/Suspenders (Adult Medium).

Ensemble APE Costumes Available:

Ape Costumes in Black (sizes Youth Medium-Adult XXXL). Ape Costumes in Brown (sizes Youth Medium-Adult Medium). Ape Costumes in Gray (sizes Youth Medium-Adult Medium).

Loin cloth costumes and Wigs are not available for rent, however we are happy to share links with you for the companies that we ordered the Wigs from!

Please contact us for additional information including pictures, sizes, quantity available etc at childrenscastletheater@gmail.com

NOTE: Costume Rental prices are for 3-4 weeks. A refundable damage deposit is required but we expect minor wear and tear. All rentals will incude 1-3 additional Ape Ensemble costumes in case catastrophe should strike prior to a performance! Return Shipping is NOT incuded in rental price. A mininum rental price of $300 is required.

Expected Price: $15 per costume expires (02/06/15)

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