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Tarzan Spider Web "Creature Attack" Rental

Tarzan Spider Web

Posted By: Erick James (January 21, 2014)

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This rental is for the following shows: Tarzan


Categories: Sets, Costumes

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12' X 15' Stretch Spider Web Skirt for the Creature Attack scene. BRIGHT flourescent yellow spider web picks up uv lighting for GREAT lighting effects. Looks great with flying or without!

Rental includes spider web skirt (which busstles up to fit under a skirt)

It also includes a 4'X6' Inflatable neon spider, 3 neon spider puppets and 3 black morphsuits for the spider puppeteers.

Optional Spider projection that was custom created to project on our skirt - $150.00

Expected Price: $150.00 expires (01/22/15)

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