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Brand New PETER PAN Backdrops

Brand New PETER PAN Backdrops

Posted By: TheatreWorld Backdrops (November 19, 2013)

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This rental is for the following shows: Disney's Peter Pan JR., The Pirates of Penzance JR., The Pirates of Penzance

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We have just released a brand new suite of backdrops dedicated to PETER PAN. While these drops could work in a multitude of shows, our artists focused on the nuances of Never Never Land and its infamous inhabitants. Pictured here is our Neverland drop. We also have a brand new Pirate Ship Deck backdrop in stock. Our artists are currently finalizing imagery for The Darling Nurery and the London Flyover to finish out the collection. All drops will be available for your 2014 PETER PAN productions. Check out our PETER PAN collection online to view dozens of other drops that are perfect for this classic.

Expected Price: $400 - $550 expires (11/19/14)

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