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Shrek Dragon Rental

Shrek Dragon Rental

Posted By: Stage Stash (September 27, 2013)

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This rental is for the following shows: Shrek The Musical JR., Shrek The Musical


Categories: For rent, Sets, Props, Costumes

Comments (4)

This large flying dragon puppet is very light weight and easily brought to life by 4 puppeteers.

for a closer look, visit her facebook page to see where she's headed next!




The first/front puppeteer is able make her sing, bat her eyes which also light up!

while the second puppeteer controls the wings.

3rd and 4th puppeteers are in control of the rear and tail.

Two 'Pole harnesses' for the first two puppeteers are provided for extra support and safety.

One support stand is also provided as a means to store and hold the puppet secure while backstage and not in use.

Feel free to email for more information or details!


Expected Price: $500/week (with 2 week minimum) expires (09/29/14)

North Texas (DFW area), , ,

Farrah Beaudry:

I am definitely interested.  Please email details to fkbeaudry@gmail.com


(284 days ago)

Charles Hobby:

Hello,  We are very interested in renting this Dragon.. We open our Shrek on January 29.  Can you send me a link or more information?  

Charles Hobby

Round Rock High School

Round Rock Texas


(280 days ago)

Karen Elliott:

Interested in dragon rental 4 weeks minimum. Our shows march 3-9. Please contact with availability Karen Elliott at karenjane3@aol.com Thanks.

(218 days ago)

Joey Boring:

I am very interested in renting the Dragon for last part of June.  Please email me the details.


Joey Boring tejasjoe@yahoo.com

(105 days ago)