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The MTI Show Collection: air jordan 4 retro for sale tackle--important part of the game

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The MTI Show Collection: kobe bryant shoes for sale setting yourself up for big problems

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The MTI Show Collection: Nike Basketball Shoes For Sale toxic for your feet

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MTI Show Support: set design

need ideas for set design so I can create them for upcoming play

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The MTI Show Collection: Where to end ACT I in Disney's Little Mermaid Jr

Thank you everyone! The show was a huge success!! My original choice was the same as what Jason (see above) had done, but we decided to cut to intermission after Ariel's Part of Your World, Reprise 2, as the music lends itself as a perfect place to end an ACT. Yes, the 1st ACT is usually longer, but when you take into consideration that the patrons began coming into the theater 45minutes before the start of the show, then this worked out really well! See our trailer of the show on our YouTube Channel for MSB Productions2012 under the posted title:

The Little Mermaid Trailer 2014 


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The MTI Show Collection: Shrek can't hear!

Hi Briley,

with our cowls we recommend marking where you need to make the holes, then using a large heated nail and pushing it through the latex.

Hope this helps!

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