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MTI Show Support: Follow up show to Annie Jr.

It is always a challenge to find shows that will maintain the interests of the senior members of the cast, while not relegating others to "wall flower" status. Take a look at Honk Jr. as inherent in the story are "ducklings" vs the "adult ducks". So built into the show right away, you have the different groups. This was successful for us, and the young ones had a great time mingling with the audience as they searched for their missing "brother". The vigor with which they interrogated members of the front row with "Are you Ugly? No no.. you're not Ugly.. have you seen our brother?" made for a great 'classic moment'.

I am also partial to "Dear Edwina Jr. ", as the nature of the show allows for breaking the cast up into separate groups. Take a look, it won't disappoint.


(ps. I have slide shows from each posted here as well. Take a peek if you want)

Started by Matt Glickstein with 2 posts

Last comment by Andrew Williams

The MTI Show Collection: Shrek set and costumes available in California

Shrek set and props available.  

Pictures will be up soon here.

Shrek Props

Big Prop Pieces24' Dragon

Exploding Bird

Wooden Horse


Farquaad/Gingy Torture Cookie Sheet

Big Duloc Greeter Head

4 Stocks for knights

Shrek’s outhouse

Shrek’s house

half walls for Duloc

Small props

Martini glass (Shrek)ScrollSnothersSunflowerTinkerbell (plastic piggy bank)3 Pigs suitcasesSkunk (Shrek)I Love Duloc flag and wig(Donkey)Wedding bouquet (Fiona)Map of Duloc for ShrekShrek’s bagShrek’s onionFairytale creature hand held signsTravel Song PropsRemote control rats3 Blind Mice walking sticksBeware Ogre signFiona’s books

Shrek CostumesShrek’s costume

Adult Fiona: 2 Piece Dress (Skater outfit and overskirt) Misses size 10 Wedding Dress, used for both Fiona and Fiona as OgressGreen Dress Size 18 Large Green Hands Neck/Boobs

Teen Fiona:Dress Misses Size 4

Young Fiona: Dress child Size 8

Young Shrek:Shirt, Pants, Vest, Boots, Green Hands, Full Head/Face Mask (only for a child)

Donkey:Full furry body suit (Men’s 5’10”-6’4”), head cover, with ears, hand hooves andshoe hooves. one prosthetic face mask

Lord Farquaad:Lord Farquaad Duloc Outfit w/ extra Duloc Legs Wedding Outfit

Dulocs: 8 girls, 8 boys Various sizes; Boys Adjustable Waistline, yellow wigs

Pinocchio:Wood grain unitard, white short sleeve button up shirt, red bow tie, Black SuedeLederhosen (men’s size 32W-36W), Blue Vest, Red Shoes, Yellow hat, Face mask withgrowing nose, short brown wig

3 Pigs (Girls):(Misses sizes 6-10 adjustable) Pink polka dot skirts, Pink fleece jackets, pink wigswith pig ears and items that describe (sticks, bricks, straw), tails and noses suitcases that go with each characterGingy:full body suit

3 Blind Mice:White dresses, white furry stoles, blonde curly wigs, Mouse noses, dark glasses,and walking sticks

Ugly Duckling:hat with bill on it, tunic over piece (wore long sleeve black shirt under, notincluded and the feet are missing…I believe thrown away due to dirtiness. Will check ontrying to get)

Mad Hatter:short blue jacket, black pants, white shirt, red bow tie,

Peter Pan:Green tunic, hat, belt with a knife (wore yellow-green tights and soft danceshoes)

Papa Ogre: Pants, shirt, vest, wig with green ogre ears

Mama Ogre: skirt, green blazer, wig with green ogre ears

Papa Bear: Several pieces that layer, includes a fur head piece with ears, plasticnose and teeth, wool gloves

Mama Bear: Several pieces of clothing that layer, including fur coat, gloves, furhead piece with ears, plastic nose and teeth

Baby Bear: Several pieces of clothing that layer, including a fur coat, fur bombertype hat, plastic nose with teeth, boots

Mad Hatter: Blue bolero type jacket, vest, black pants with design, white shirt, bowtie, tea pot on stick

Bishop: robe and head piece

Witch: dress and orange wig with hat, nose, black gloves, red sparkly boots (sz 9)

Thelonius: Black robe with hood, black tied vest piece for underneath (did not dochain type head piece)

Wolf: robe, fur feet, hands, head piece, nose (made our character a James Bondcharacter rather than a transvestite wolf)

Sugar Plum Fairy: Shimmery dress, with wings (wig not included)

Fairy Godmother: Long dress (costumer went with Cinderellas fairy godmotherand so had a gray wig as well, which we can send if you want to go this route)

8 Guards: silver hats, black and silver tunics with belts, (their own black pants),have 4 of the black wigs (4 were thrown out)

4 Knights: long wigs and beards

White Rabbit: full suit with head piece

Humpty Dumpty


Dancing Rats: Hats with ears attached, tails, noses, and sashes (tuxes not included) 

Skeletons and morph suits for dragon scene included

We are looking for $13,000 which is MUCH less than we spent.  A dragon of this caliber rents for nearly $1000 per show.

Local pickup only. 

Started by Christopher Green with 1 post

Last comment by Christopher Green

MTI Show Support: Into the Woods License

Greetings Veronica! 

There are several choices to request a license for 'Into The Woods JR". Log into and it will take you step by step through the process. You may also call your MTI licensing rep, 212-541-4684

Started by Verónica Perez with 2 posts

Last comment by Cindy Ripley

Backstage: Rehearsal boxes

Of course Rita!

Started by Rita Pihra-Majurinen with 10 posts

Last comment by Cindy Ripley

MTI Show Support: Can't use musicians

check out MTpit

Started by Rhonda Martin with 3 posts

Last comment by Meagan Olson

Miscellany: Complete set and property items for SHREK the Musical

I would also be interested.  Please send to  Many thanks.

Started by Marci Contino with 8 posts

Last comment by Matthew Kirby-Smith

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