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The MTI Show Collection: Shrek Jr Rating

My school district is quite shocked with the content of Shrek Jr.  and its "JR" and "G" rating...its seems much more controversial and mature than your other JR plays.  We are dissappointed beacuse now we will not be able to use this for our drama production.

Started by diana weaver with 1 post

Last comment by diana weaver

The MTI Show Collection: freak flag

yes I understand that, but unfortunately our school does not feel that this play is appropriate for elementary school even with a "JR" and G rating.  

oh well....


Started by diana weaver with 4 posts

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MTI Show Support: Pushback on our choice of show

Greetings Nicole!  I am so glad you connected; situations of this nature take a lot of energy and can be stressful BEFORE your kids even take the stage. It strikes a chord with me personally as I was teaching in a public school where the issue escalated to a national level.  It all ended well and a great story for another day, BUT it all comes down to a some key points.

• Know your community. The less experience and earned respect you have in a district, the less leeway you have with choices of shows that break the mold for what has been done in the past.  The longer you have had successful productions and the more you know your audiences, your choices and artistic reasoning for them will be accepted.

• Run your artistic vision and reasons for it by your administrator.  He or she is the one that will hear more feedback than anyone. Be prepared with data such as age appropriate storytelling, casting, $ for costumes, scenery etc. to substantiate your show choice.

• History is indisputable.  What we teach may not align with individual beliefs, but we teach it fundamentally for decision making.  When we do Fiddler on the Roof, Once on this Island, Guys and Dolls and even Kinky Boots, we portray many varied religious and moral viewpoints.  It doesn't mean we advocate them, but we are living in a world that includes all.

• According to the law, sacred music can be used in the public school music curriculum.

The First Amendment does not prohibit the use of religious or sacred material in the public

school. How the material is used determines whether or not it is legally acceptable. Sacred music should not be used for the advancement of any particular religious viewpoint or activity. Further, instructional materials should not be used to inhibit or infringe upon religious beliefs or practices.

In other words, students may be taught about religion, but public schools may not teach religion.  The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly said, “one’s education is not complete without the study of comparative religion, and it would be difficult to teach art, music, literature and most social studies without considering religious influences.”

• In essence, trust your community "read", have your artistic vision clear, and if all that aligns, move forward with purpose and present a work that serves your students and community with pride.

Nicole, please email me with details or any other info you need or want to share.  I apologize if this is more than you asked for.  I am passionate about allowing kids freedom with artistic material.  cr

Started by Nicole Odekirk with 2 posts

Last comment by Cindy Ripley

MTI Show Support: Lion King Jr.

That's excellent to hear Cindy, thank you for the prompt reply! No kidding, I can't overstate how excited I am to hear this! :)

Started by Jason Crespin with 34 posts

Last comment by Anthony Collier

MTI Show Support: Show T-Shirts

HI Kim! Spencer is right on about the form included in your kit, but your rep can take care of it pronto as well.  Here is a link for the info you need:

Have a blast with FS!

Started by Kim Smith with 3 posts

Last comment by Cindy Ripley

MTI Show Support: Pit orchestra/band parts

Greetings Dan!  I feel your pain of orchestrating for a middle school pit no less!

Unfortunately, there are no JR musicals with pit parts.  The Student Edition shows designed for HS do have orchestrations and some also have tracks.  

There is a tremendous amount of time and cost put into recording the accompaniment and rehearsal tracks for the JR shows. They are done in Nashville with top shelf musicians both adult and children.  The majority of teachers and Dierectors that use these shows for middle and elementary ages, need the track so our cost is devoted to recording.  Of course there is a minority that has a caliber middle school group to service a pit as well as a cast for the show. You must be one of the lucky ones and there are quite a few others that orchestrate it from the Piano/Vocal OR rent the full score to help orchestrate it for the level and number of musicians they have.  Put your request out here on Showspace Dan, depending on the show, someone may be happy to rent their work.

Started by Dan McCrossen with 6 posts

Last comment by Cindy Ripley

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