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Backstage: Shrek - reuseable cowl

Any chance you have any Shrek Hands??

Started by Jill Mobley with 2 posts

Last comment by Lisa Hoag

Backstage: In search of Shreks hands!!

I am running out of time, looking for 2 nice pairs of Shrek hands. Id love to buy a pair made by AEO Studios or FX Warehouse if possible. I know they HAVE to be out there. Our tech week starts Oct 19 2015 with the musical the foloowing weekend. AEO said a lot went into the Iowa area this year. IF you know a group that has put one on pass along my plea!! Any leads appreciated!!

Started by Lisa Hoag with 1 post

Last comment by Lisa Hoag

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Started by liyifeng520 liyifeng520 with 1 post

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The MTI Show Collection: Ralph Lauren Like the relationship problems advances, Romantic

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The MTI Show Collection: Ralph Lauren Skjorta Dam It can be the floors you are

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Started by liyifeng520 liyifeng520 with 1 post

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