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Backstage: Flying without wires in Disneys Peter Pan, Jr?

I have been involved in two productions already and have just been hired to do the show again - we have used a rolling scaffolding to move the actors around with fairies and tech people rolling them. You can do some pretty elaborate and wonderful choreography that way... This next time I envision a fog machine with the children rolling through it... ;-)

Started by Dianne Lyle with 7 posts

Last comment by Dorothy Pierce

The MTI Show Collection: HELP!! Beauty and the Beast tankards

All of my mugs are made from Wilton Armetale.  They are heavy metal, and you can clink them together to really elevate the number and the choreography.  If you are not doing the clinking, then the plastic ones, or the pewter kind are fine.  But, you can't use those kinds and knock them together.  It is not safe.  (And, a lot of the pewter kind have glass on the bottom, and you wouldn't want them to shatter.) 


Started by Leigh Anne Andreasen with 14 posts

Last comment by Victrola and Company

MTI Show Support: Performing a show again

That is the deal Laura, and maybe it eases that solution knowing you could have performed it 365 times in that calendar year for that one showkit fee. 

Started by Heather Tait with 4 posts

Last comment by Cindy Ripley

The MTI Show Collection: Rabbit Hole in Alice Jr.

Hi Sarah! Thats a great number of students in your program. I did this production with 120 students in it and it was so much fun! 

I broke the ensemble up into the following groups:

School-yard Kids (Dodgsonland Pts 1 & 2), Rock Lobsters (Ocean of Tears & Caucus Race), Bugs (Zip-a-dee-doo-dah & Playoff), Cards (Painting the Roses Red & Reprise, Simon Says Pts 1 & 2) & Flowers (Golden Afternoon).

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about this great show!



Started by Christy Terefenko with 11 posts

Last comment by Adam Bett

MTI Show Support: Honk eggs

Hi Jim, we are wrapping up our production of HONK this weekend!  We have eggs:)  We're just west of chicago - not to far to Iowa.  Have fun honking!

Started by Jim Miller with 2 posts

Last comment by Tina Reynolds

The MTI Show Collection: Illinois Schools who have producted Rent School Edition

Hello All, I am looking for High Schools in Illinois who have successfully produced Rent the School Edition. After first giving the go ahead to produce the show, administration is now saying "no". I have been asked to find ANY high school in Illinois who has produced this show! Thank you in advance. All I need is school name and year of production if you are willing to share! 

Started by Tricia Sprague with 1 post

Last comment by Tricia Sprague

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